I started blogging in late 2010, mostly about digital scrapbooking, photography, and photographic post-processing. I’ve recently become interested in genealogy, and I’ve decided to repurpose this blog to document my family history and genealogy efforts.

The header image above was taken from a bluff on property my paternal grandfather, Peter Ernest Arnold, owned near Gladstone, North Dakota, beginning around November 1915, when he and my grandmother, Magdalena Wehner, were married. This overlook is a short distance from the family’s first home, a small sod hut that, in rainy or snowy weather, offered little protection to its inhabitants. Peter and Magdalena eventually built a modest three-bedroom home in a protected valley below the bluff, adjacent to the Green River. Together they parented 12 children, 11 of whom survived to adulthood.

My maternal grandparents, Daniel Armbrust and Elizabeth Jaeger, were married in a civil ceremony in 1925. Census records reveal that they lived in North Dakota’s Dunn and McKenzie counties. I know very little about either of them because they both died long before I was born. As far as I can tell, they didn’t own land, neither one had a social security number, and, though I know where they are buried, I don’t believe their graves are marked. Daniel registered for the draft in 1918, and I have a copy of his death certificate. The only records I have for Elizabeth are copies of church register entries for her birth and death dates.


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    • Hunt,

      Thank you for thinking of me but, instead of either of the options you offer, I am declining this award outright. I equate this kind of award with old-fashioned paper-based chain letters. I rarely if ever forwarded those, and I choose the same approach with their more modern digital equivalents. Comments, likes, and follows for my posts are, for me, sufficient recognition–I appreciate the effort it takes for readers to stop, read, and respond, and I certainly don’t want to impose on any of my regular readers the extra burden of complying with the requirements of these kind of awards.


    • Wanda, I am laughing as I read this because I see I came in November… Today, reading your Wanda page, I thought, “Oh, except for the Navy service and the length of her marriage, this woman and I lead very similar lives. Actually, grin, it is more alike in our attitudes! Merry Christmas, Wanda! Best ~ HuntMode

  1. Hi,
    I am new at blogging, yet I am so excited! I am not sure of what direction my blogging will take, but I knew it was time to do something that I have been “planning to do for years”.


  2. Wanda, your visit to my blog lead me to this page. We have a great deal in common. I am the oldest of thirteen. Never in the service myself but married a retired sailor. My Old Salt was a CWo4 in aviation maintenance. I am also determined and the queen of organization. I am often selected for projects because they know I will get it done and do it right the first time. It can be a curse but no way will it change at my advanced age.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wanda, Thanks for visiting my blog. I was a Canadian Military Photographer and we sometimes used the American Manuals as our reference material. Why mess with something that has already been written. Our Photographer trade was originally in the Navy component but in the 70’s moved over to the Air Force. Nice blog, I liked reading some of your entries.

  4. Hi Wanda! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday! I left you a comment back, but though it may be easier for you if I sent it to you!

    “That’s a good tip Wanda! One I have to work on myself! I tend to be an impulse shopper so I really have to rein myself in! 😎 ”

    Have a great day!! By the way, I love the picture at the top of your blog! Beautiful & what a blessing our days are!!



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