If I was asked to arrange a box of crayons by color preference I would put green at the very top followed by pink, purple, and a few shades of blue. Orange, on the other hand, would be at the very bottom.

There are lots of things that are orange—all manner of warning signs, various advertisements, industrial equipment, even candy wrappers—but none of those things appealed to me as a subject for today’s August Break prompt. At some point during the day, I thought about stopping at the grocery store for an orange or some peaches but forgot about that until after I was home.

20140804 Sunkist

Thus, I was very happy to spot this orange beauty in my photo archive. The combination of sunkist petals, floral topknot, and soft focus somehow reminds me of a little girl spinning herself around in her favorite party dress. A happy thought for the day…

P.S. I couldn’t stand it—comments are back on!



3 thoughts on “Sunkist

  1. Orange is not my favorite color either, but I do love bright orange flowers! This is so lovely! I don’t blame you for turning your comments back on…I just couldn’t turn mine off!

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