Precious things


Knick knacks, bric-a-brac, tchotchkes…whatever the term, I’ve never been very interested in collectibles. Chalk that up to what is probably my least favorite housekeeping chore—dusting—and the extra care required for such things during the frequent moves that were a factor of our early married years.

Until recently, the best description for my decorating style would have been somewhere between “bare” and “spare.” This became even more obvious when we moved to our new-build Florida house in 2004. The ceilings in our new home are very high compared to the more modest 8-foot-high versions that were the norm in the two homes we owned in New England. I assume the difference is due primarily to environment—cold New England winters encourage cozy, closed-in spaces that are more economical to heat; by contrast, Florida’s hot weather climate demands high ceilings where heat can rise, thereby promoting more efficient cooling.

Anyway…the few decorative pieces we had when we moved to Florida were dwarfed by the much larger canvas of our new home. Another complication is that most of the“stuff” we brought with us was a mix of Americana and country—fitting for most New England homes but not well-suited to the more modern architecture of our new home.

We did what we could—for example, the main wall of our breakfast area boasts a collection of 11 framed (pre-Florida) cross stitch pieces and two accessory items. The arrangement is pleasant and satisfactorily fills the space, but the same set of pieces would have decorated most of the living area of either of our New England homes.

So, here I am, enrolled in Kim Klassen’s eight-week Start to Finish and her year-long Be Still 52 classes—both terrific by the way! Each of the classes focuses on in-home, still life photography. In addition to offering some of her own props for our consideration (some of which are featured in these photos), Kim also suggested we scavenge our own homes for suitable props. Kim’s proposal was the genesis for the images that accompany this post…

Print Module Practice 140614-2

The books and periodicals were chosen mostly because of their color… The handmade pitcher was a gift from the girl who has since become our granddaughter-in-law… The hydrangeas are reminiscent of our daughter’s 2002 wedding bouquet…

It has been a treat to meld all these very separate ideas into a single post…

Shared for Kim Klassen’s “Start to Finish” class. The triptych images were processed with Kim’s TrueGrit preset.

12 thoughts on “Precious things

  1. These are so well composed. I like how each is just a little different and equally beautiful! I’m in Kim’s class, but have only worked on the first two lessons. I’m hoping to catch up soon.

  2. this is simply beautiful Wanda. Love the clock and the colours of the hydrangea. I am takings Kim’s Be Still class but have yet to really get going on it. You have inspired me.

  3. I love the edit on your layout – wonderful tones. I agree about the dusting of ‘bric-a-brac.’ LOL


  4. Had to smile – dusting is my least favorite cleaning effort as well. That didn’t stop me from collecting contemporary art glass 🙂

    Love your still life experiments. So beautifully composed and lovingly arranged. I love how each one is slightly different – a lesson in really studying your subject.

  5. I’m also in Kim’s Be Still 52 class. It sounded very appealing even though still life is not usually my “thing.” I’m yearning to gather props together for the class, but I’m packing for yet another move…the last for a while, I hope. I love the simple lines of your white clock, and that pitcher is stunning!

  6. Wanda, your photography skills continue to amaze me. Just the care and feeding necessary to get to your finish product which looks so natural to me. I am glad your enjoyed your classes, and that I am getting to enjoy the lessons you have learned. Take care, Bill

  7. Love these and that you found all the inspiration in your home. I am in the Be Still 52 class too – and would love to do start to finish when time allows – I love all of Kim’s classes. The colours of the hydrangea against the white is gorgeous. Beautifully done.

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