Old glass…

when I am Old

turns purple. That was the advice of the salesperson at the antique shop I visited recently, regarding a small bottle I picked up as I wandered the store. My purpose was to find a few props to use in Kim Klassen’s current Start to Finish class.

I’m no expert about antique glass—or anything else “antique” for that matter—except I’m learning that much of what I have used and enjoyed during my adult life is increasingly considered antique! When and how, exactly, did that happen?

7 thoughts on “Old glass…

  1. Beautiful image and your words made me laugh! I was teaching about Mother Teresa and how she won the Nobel Peace prize in 1979 – the kids were all amazed that I could show them a picture of her and that cameras existed then..and that I was alive then too, ha!

  2. Lovely image! I love the old bottle! I’ve been vintage (antique) for several years now and I find it fascinating when I visit antique stores! I keep saying…I still have one of those!

  3. Beautiful still life! Love the idea of old glass turning purple – such a rich and regal color – just right for antiques, who have seen it all.

  4. Yes, everything I grew up with is now known by the teenagers of today as “vintage”. I’m glad to say I don’t actually feel very vintage myself just yet

  5. Wanda, it happened yesterday and the day before that and the week before that, and the month and year before that. We don’t keep a lot of “old stuff” I have one cake plate from my Mom’s Mom, which has got to be 80 yrs old and it sits on the floor in the dining room with a plant on it. I also have a few quilts Mom made over the years, they are to warm to use for the most part, and I am unwilling to give them up. The bottom line is old happens damn it. LOL It’s how you do it that counts. I guess antiques are old things that have aged gracefully. Take care, Bill

  6. About 20 years ago I started seeing everyday items I’d grown up with being sold as antiques. I had two reactions. First…who’d want it? That stuff is worn out and should be thrown away! Second…wait a minute, what do you mean, “antique”? I’m not THAT old!
    Or…maybe I am.

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