For the love of

…pink and green.

140408 Superstar

Shared for Kim Klassen’s “Texture Tuesday.” The image was processed with Kim’s 2013 “Violet” texture set to linear burn at 100%. Fonts are Beautiful, Beautiful ES Caps, and Century Gothic.

10 thoughts on “For the love of

  1. Wanda, WOW I like that a lot, and it could be superstar, superhero, super-whatever, without that supporting cast they wouldn’t be so super. Smiling, that’s why I am so good, I have a great supportful case, I have a bunch of good buddies watching me and my back, I have my own cast to superstars helping me. Thank you!! Bill

  2. This is really beautiful Wanda. Over the last couple of days I have been unsuccessfully trying to capture the beauty of some fabulous lilies that I have in the house. You have inspired me to try ‘a new angle’ today.

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