Second thoughts and self-doubt

This is an open letter of sorts to my regular readers. My cadre of followers is small but loyal (as well as patient and forgiving), and I appreciate the support and encouragement each of you offers as we share our respective online journeys.

Blogging, to me, sometimes feels like a long, slow roller coaster ride. The highs—when the ideas, and the creations, images, and words that bring them to life, come easily—are exhilarating. But those highs are inevitably followed by lows. The hollows of the ride—when the world is upside down, twisted, and altogether not right—are…(pick your own adjective).

Photo courtesy of morguefile

Photo courtesy of morguefile

I’ve been more absent than present lately, involved with both personal and work projects that diverted my attention from blogging. While away, I’ve questioned whether I should continue blogging and, if so, what it is, exactly, that I want to focus on. I enjoy the process and discipline of writing, of organizing the words and paragraphs in a post so they convey my thoughts and ideas. I also appreciate the flexibility of blogging—a person’s blog can be structured (or not), it can focus on a single theme (or not), the blogger can post according to a schedule (or not), etc. And now I’m laughing at myself because in every case, I strongly prefer the first alternative but, in practice, I’m usually the latter.

What I am finally realizing is, as much as I would like my blog to be photo-centric, the reality is I don’t have the time, energy, or imagination necessary to sustain that at this time. I will still post images from time to time, but I’m not going to let the lack of a photo keep me from blogging. My recent fascination with genealogy reminds me of my blog’s title and tagline, “Tidbits and Treasures: celebrating both the ordinary and extraordinary of happenings of everyday life,” so I hope to do more family- and heritage-related posts. Finally, I am going to continue the investigation of words, phrases, and euphemisms that I started when I participated in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday meme but, rather than adhering to a “letter of the week” theme, I will post on whatever happens to appeal to me at the time.

I so enjoy my fellow bloggers—most are inspirational, some share a bit of wry humor, others are informational—but each one is important to me for the unique perspective they offer. I realize that the topics I’m choosing to write about may not always appeal to my readers. I also realize how time consuming it can be to visit and comment on blogs—so, while I hope you will continue to read my blog, I will understand if you choose not to comment on posts that doesn’t interest you.

14 thoughts on “Second thoughts and self-doubt

  1. Day one, first visit. How long does it take to become a loyal reader? My only suggestion is to be right where you are today – because, today, it is right where you are supposed to be

  2. You will be able to tell, from how late I am posting, that ‘keeping up’ is difficult here too. But I will still be popping in, whatever you write about – because it’s you, and it’s you I have formed a relationship with :).

  3. I know exactly where you’re coming from, Wanda…have been feeling a bit the same way myself! It’s definately your words I enjoy…I always come away from your blog having learned something!
    Alison xx

  4. Hey, Wanda! I haven’t been reading you very long, but this topic is right up my alley. My personal blog religion is thus: if I’m not enjoying it, what is the point? I write a blog as a hobby, discipline and self-therapy. Right now it is about “x”, but whenever I choose to write about “y” or “z”, that is my prerogative. If anyone is reading it, I will assume they do so for reasons of their own. It’ isn’t my “job” to entertain them. Hopefully, you will find the right balance of all the interests and obligations that engage you right now. Write what and when makes the most sense to YOU 🙂

  5. I’m a loyal reader 🙂 and I’m sure it’s through storytelling – the writing! – that we met. not photography. So I wholeheartedly support the plan for not letting a lack of pictures hold you back. What a great attitude!.

  6. Wanda, even though we originally “met” through photography, I’ve always enjoyed reading whatever topic you wrote about. You are an exceptional writer! I love words and language and Your Alphabe-Thursday posts were some of my very favorites. Genealogy and family history is another topic I’m very interested in (and personally involved with), so I look forward with pleasure to your new direction. Above all, as others have already said, it’s your blog. It can and should be whatever you want it to be. If you write it, we will read it.

  7. I’ll certainly be around to see what you’re posting. I enjoy how you write and I enjoy your photography. I definitely believe that our blog should be, just that “our blog.” Some will like it and some will not, but we need to be true to ourselves! Looking forward to seeing what develops!

  8. And you are important to me for the unique perspective you offer too. I think you should blog what you like, when you like. I love visiting and you are (and will stay) a permanent fixture in my reader. 🙂

  9. Kudos to you for making this blog whatever will be meaningful to you at this time in your life. It is the capacity to change and not be stuck by our own previous expectations that allows us to grow. This is your space – let it be what it will be.

  10. Wanda, I wouldn’t be here wikthout all your help. Do you realize it is coming up on 2 years that you helped me get my blog off the ground. I have read with great interest your blog since day one. Some of it was way over my head, but I enjoyed how it was constructed. I am glad you have decided to continue writing, and allowing your blog title to help guide you in whichever direction it takes you. And I will continue follow, and I will comment as I am prone to do. I look forward to posts. Take care, Bill

    • Bill,

      You keep me honest when it comes to my blog. Right now I’m experimenting with replying to comments via my e-mail account. It seemed to work (i.e., my reply to Miriam’s comment (right below yours) appeared on my blog, but I don’t know if she will get it in her e-mail. So, the experiment…did you receive this reply in your e-mail?

      Thanks in advance,


  11. Dear Wanda, you ‘sound’ tired. I was talking about our family research the other day (after your post) to my husband and although I would love to do some more on it, it is so time consuming and right now I want to blog. You can’t have everything can you? As much as I try it just isn’t possible. Blog what you want to blog about because you want to. You are in my reader and that’s where you’ll stay. x

    • Miriam, how sweet! I’m fine really…I wasn’t so much tired as discouraged by the gap between where I want to be and where I am in reality.

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