Simple is Best

140211 SimpleIsBest

These pretty flowers,
nestled in their canning jar turned vase,
prove, once again,
that simple things are the best things.

Posted for Abi’s One Photo & Twenty Words, a once-a-month opportunity to share an image and its short story, and Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. The image is textured with one layer of Kim’s Subtly Yours set to multiply at 80%, and two layers of Kim’s Lily texture (the lower one is set to linear burn at 70% and the upper one is set to hard light at 100%.) Since I love frames around my images, the upper layer is the lighter, frame portion of the texture only.

21 thoughts on “Simple is Best

  1. Wanda, I do apolgize for whatever reason my notifications had been turned off. So clearly I have missed several of your posts. My mom and her mother both used mason jars as vases, this is something I grew up with. Take care, Bill

  2. I agree, this photo is so beautiful. You have such an artisitic eye. I really enjoy popping flowers in a jar. So simple but they really brighten the room and my mood!

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