A patch of sun

140121 Peaches & Sunshine

Though I have occasionally mentioned our cats, Slider and Peaches, in my posts, neither of them have appeared here before. Peaches, pictured above, is a shy, somewhat neurotic feline. She usually runs away when a camera is turned on but, on this day, the warmth of the sun was more compelling than her fear.

Shared for Kim Klassen’s “Texture Tuesday.” The image was processed with two of Kim’s textures: Stay (2011) set to Multiply at 20% and Be Still (2012) set to Multiply at 50%.

15 thoughts on “A patch of sun

  1. Wanda, I simply had to comment on this lovely kitty photo 🙂 Our two sweeties differ in their reactions to the camera, but in neither case am I able to capture the moment to my liking (or at least rarely). I found your blog via GYB and have enjoyed reading your varied post topics.

  2. Aaah! So sweet. Love the light and warmth in this and the textures are perfect. Love her name too. 🙂
    Thank you also for your very sweet comment on my blog.

  3. A neurotic cat, how unusual, LOL! I always click on pictures of orange tabby’s – Peaches is beautiful, Wanda – thanks for sharing!

  4. Well, a great big blog welcome to Peaches! This shot has such lovely warmth – from her golden fur, the wooden floor, stucco wall and that glorious patch of sunlight.

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