Backyard peril

January 18th, 2:30 p.m.

I was in our backyard setting up a tripod, camera, and props for what I hoped would be a quick, “golden hour” photo session.

Though the sun was bright, cool temperatures and a brisk wind encouraged haste.

So, rushing from camera to scene, I tripped over a sprinkler head that failed to retract after the last lawn watering. You guessed it—I fell headlong onto the grass. My glasses, right arm, and right hip took the worst of the fall. Fortunately, even though my glasses need repair, I avoided facial bruising and all other damage is hidden by clothing.

Collecting myself afterward, I realized how much worse this incident could have been…the cement slab for our patio was parallel to me and just inches away from where I fell. An inch or two to the right, a slight turn as I fell…

As it is, I am stiff and sore, and I won’t be posing for bathing suit photos any time soon, but I am grateful for that compared to what might have been.

Shared for Alexa’s “Simply A Moment,” a monthly opportunity to describe a moment—a minute or two or ten—of life. With apologies, this is my second post for this month’s Moment, but the gratitude I feel that my injuries are minor warrants another post.

11 thoughts on “Backyard peril

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  2. I too have experienced similar incidents and felt so lucky and blessed when I realized how much worse the results could easily have been. I’m so glad you suffered no serious damage, either to your camera or, more importantly, to yourself.

  3. Oh! my goodness. I feel for you, thank goodness you missed that patio. I fell over today, in the house, onto carpet but it still hurts!! I’ll say ‘take care’ and try to apply it to myself as well x

  4. Oh dear, that’s sounds dreadful. I’m glad you are on the mend, I hope you progress quickly. Falling can be such a scary thing.

  5. Oh, my! Yes, a situation where celebrating what DIDN”T happen is certainly warranted. I was out on a photo walk the other day – everything covered with several inches of snow – when I found myself doing a half-split on the sidewalk. It happened in the blink of an eye – my foot hit hidden ice – and there I was, one leg extended in front. Luckily, I held on to my camera and was none the worse for wear. But it is a frightening reminder of how very fragile we are. I hope you recover soon from your “near miss”.

    • Brenda, I’m glad your “near miss” was just that as well. I appreciate, too, your “blink of an eye” comment. I’ve always been fascinated (fearful, perhaps) of that concept…how one minute things are going well and then moments later, because of accident, stupidity, or bad luck, a person’s life is irrevocably changed. Fortunately for you and me, our moments were not life changing ones. Take care of yourself.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a near miss! Yeay for grass and soft landings … So glad you are alright – phew! Oh, and you are most welcome to post as many moments as you like :). Hoping the aching and the bruising subsides very soon xx.

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