One thing leads to another…

When I link a post to a challenge on someone else’s blog, I usually try to comment on at least 10 other posts.

…since I have nine siblings, it’s easy to pick posts according to our birthdates
…or, if there are enough participants, I use birth years (though it’s rare to find a linkup that goes as high as [19]77, the birth year of my youngest brother)
…either way, I usually end up visiting a number of new sites along the way

Anyway…in addition to reading and commenting on posts, I make it a point to scan the buttons and badges featured on the bloggers’ sidebars and footers to see what they are up to in terms of online activities.

A recent discovery, found via Ma Vie Trouvee, is Vicki’s 2014 Grow Your Blog Party. Details of the event, scheduled for Saturday, January 25th, can be found here. The stated purpose of the event is to increase the number of followers one has but, honestly, I am more interested in a day devoted to exploring new-to-me sites and perhaps adding a few new blogs to my reading list.

I’ve signed up to participate and I hope some of my readers will as well…because, who can resist a badge as pretty as this one?

use this one

6 thoughts on “One thing leads to another…

  1. Wanda, I wish my notifications had been turned on when you posted this. I would have done the exact same thing, using it as an opportunity to explore new blogs. It appeared to be a great idea. Take care, Bill

  2. I had found the same site over the weekend, and am looking forward to meeting new crafty friends too. I’m spending January with an emphasis on adding some new sites to my reader. It’s really very exciting – as I hadn’t done that in a while. See you then.

  3. It is a very pretty badge! I think you’re right to want to explore more blogs and create meaningful connections with’s the connections I love more than the number of followers I have (though it’s always lovely when I see a new face on my sidebar too!)

  4. Wanda – I greatly admire your commitment to expand your blog universe and to comment on the work of others. That is such a generous use of your time. I know how much I appreciate the lovely comments you leave on my posts. For me, I have found that I can’t take in any more than I already have on my plate – even though I know I am missing many wonderful sites. Sometimes I think we have to know when to pull back. But I wish you and all the participants great success with the Grow Your Blog party.

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