A glimpse

A Glimpse

…of the year ahead

Kim Klassen has invited her readers to join her in listing 14 things to be accomplished in 2014. As a long time list maker, this is an appealing idea, but the real challenge for me isn’t the list so much as it is the commitment to making each of these things happen. Still, listing a set of goals is consistent with the yardstick idea I mentioned in yesterday’s word of the year post. So, without further ado, here’s my list of 14 things I hope to accomplish by year’s end:

  1.  Lose 10 pounds. I actually made a modest start on this goal beginning in early November, but it’s hard to stay committed to the diet and exercise necessary for weight loss when there are so many holiday treats available. It’s definitely time to recommit…
  2. Sort through two boxes worth of family photographs; convert as many as feasible to digital files for sharing with siblings and other family members (yes, this is a leftover 2013 goal…).
  3. Scan Karen and Brad’s wedding negatives to digital files. It will be fun to look at those photos again and to have them in a more useful format.
  4. Use recipe management software to create a single-source cookbook of recipe favorites. I’m looking forward to having everything in one place instead of having to remember which cookbook the recipe I’m looking for is in.
  5. Either finish or abandon my password management project.
  6. Blog more frequently and with more focus than in 2013. With less than 40 posts through all of 2013, this should be a fairly easy task especially if I am (even partially) successful with the next several goals.
  7. Commit to at least one Saturday photo walk per month.
  8. Participate in posting opportunities at some of my favorite places including, among others, Alexa’s Simply a Moment and Kim’s Texture Tuesdays. I especially like regular memes that let me plan ahead. I may even return to Jenny Matlock’s AlpabeThursday if I can come up with a theme that will carry me through a 26-week schedule. (P.S. I already miss Sian’s Storytelling Sunday.)
  9. Participate in Susannah’s August Break.
  10. Participate in Nester’s 31 Days.
  11. Complete monthly self-portraits. I plan to use Urban Muser’s 2012 “in the picture” prompts for the project and, as needed, I will revisit Lee’s 2012 posts for a bit of extra inspiration.
  12. Lose at least one bad habit. The habit I’m thinking of isn’t terrible, but life will be a bit simpler without it. What is it? I write notes on the back of whatever random scrap of paper, envelope, etc., that comes to hand, and then discard it before I’ve dealt with everything I wrote down. Even worse? I often have several note pages at one time. I think this calls for a bright “girly” notebook of some kind where I can keep a running record of all the miscellanea.
  13. Keep my posts to less than 500 words each (note: I’ve overachieved with this post!). I spend a lot of time on each post, often struggling with each word. I don’t know whether that is due to lack of confidence or perfectionism but, either way, I want each word and phrase to be as close to perfect as possible. So it should be easier if I limit the number of words, right?
  14. Give myself permission to underachieve. As I write this post, I realize how ambitious this list is and, given past performance, how unlikely it is I will accomplish everything I’ve listed. So, instead of giving up on the entire idea at the first lapse, I will instead remind myself to focus on the finish line. I expect next year’s New Year’s Eve post will be interesting mix of hits and misses…

The image is textured with Kim’s 2011 Lilly texture set to overlay at 80% opacity. Fonts are TXT Stonewashed set to overlay at 90% opacity and Beautiful ES Caps/Beautiful ES set to screen at 40% opacity.

7 thoughts on “A glimpse

  1. Wanda, Smiling I can make a bunch of lists myself, and keep my calenders, and still miss important things. But being honest, I would have had a difficult time even in January to list 14 things I wanted to accomplish in 2014. Smiling at your list, you’re trying to keep posts under 500 words and I am trying to keep paragraphs under 500 words. I suspect today I could write a list of 14 things to be accomplished in 2014 much easier, and most likely be successful. Take care, Bill

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