Tried and true


The big orange bowl…

“The New Pillsbury Family Cookbook” copyright 1973…

a 1970s-era Pyrex 1-cup measure…

a too-small hardwood cutting board…

These have been my constant companions since 1972 when I was a newlywed.

The orange bowl was once part of a 3- or 4-piece set but the other bowls are long since either broken or lost.

Pillsbury’s 1973 cookbook lacks modern amenities…there’s no nutritional information provided (eat in bliss…you probably don’t want to know the calorie counts for most of the recipes). Microwaving was so new that microwave recipes were appended after the book’s index! And, speaking of the index, it is terribly inaccurate…you would laugh at the many penciled corrections I’ve made over the years.

My Pyrex measuring cup is the only pre-metric measure I have…when I hold the cup in my left hand and pour with my right, the familiar ¼, ½, and one-cup measures face me. Every other liquid measure I own presents metric units.

These days cooks are advised to use different colored cutting boards for each type of food: red for raw meat, blue for seafood, green for vegetables, etc. I appreciate the concern for food safety, but a good scrub in hot soapy water has kept my old standby service-ready these many years.

These possessions are precious all year long, but they enjoy center stage during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. I return, year after year, to Pillsbury’s recipes for basic roll dough (transformed for Thanksgiving into “bubble bread” and for New Year’s into cinnamon rolls). The book’s recipe for English muffin bread is a long-time family favorite for Christmas morning brunch. Each of these starts in that old orange bowl…

So, today, as I once again use these trusted tools to prepare some of our favorites, I am taking this moment to appreciate the bounty that lets me enjoy past memories and anticipate new ones, the happiness and safety of our home, holiday-themed visits with family and friends, and all the other special happenings of this wonderful time of year.

Shared for Alexa’s “Simply A Moment,” a monthly opportunity to describe a moment—a minute or two or ten—of life. Feel free to join in, sharing whatever and however you like—a few words as I’ve done, a photo or two, a collage, or a scrapbook page.

8 thoughts on “Tried and true

  1. I love the simplicity of this :). Well-loved things that do the job, cared for and treasured – a lovely moment to remind us all that less is more. Thank-you so much for joining in this month, and I am sorry that – due to family circumstances – it has taken me so long to get here. Sending you warmest good wishes for the New Year, Wanda.

  2. I love the history behind this image and all the memories these treasured kitchen items evoke. You have such an uncanny ability to document these memories – both in images and words.

  3. So lovely. I have an old edition of the Be-Ro cookbook which I use just the same as you – all simple, tried and tested recipes which work! Half the pages are stuck together with various mixes but it’s the one we always go back to. Love all these ordinary things which make up our family traditions – thank you for reminding me of them. Hope you have had a fabulous Christmas. 🙂

  4. Lovely Story! Seems we have a lot in common. I was also married in 1972, have my first cookbook and Pyrex cup. My mixing bowls were stainless steel though. Oh, the stories those cookbooks could tell! Lots of delicious memories!

  5. Wanda, I love your orange bowl and the stories it could tell. I could feel it between my hands. Same with the measuring cup. I think mine came from an archeological dig in some long ago time of mine! I have to hold it up to the light to read when pouring stuff in!

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