It’s in its new home

From across the pond…from the very artistic Andy…came a beautiful ornament, now featured prominently on our family’s Christmas tree.

Christmas Elf

I received the ornament late in November, just as we were readying for guests over the long Thanksgiving weekend. The weekend was filled with everything Thanksgiving—family, friends, food, and football. Before I knew it, it was time for another week of work. Time seemed to crawl because I wanted nothing more than the few hours necessary to decorate our tree, mostly so I could hang Andy’s elf ornament in its intended environment.

As shown in Andy’s post shortly before mailing, the ornament is hand-painted with smiling, pink-cheeked elves on both front and back. Their hats and  jackets are decorated with buttons, and they are offering up a bow-topped gift. The finishing touch is on the bottom of the ornament, where Andy added a handwritten Merry Christmas wish and his blog address.

In the week or so between when “Andy” arrived (yes, I’ve decided to call it after its creator) and its placement on our tree, I kept the ornament on my desk so I could enjoy the elves’ cheery countenance while I worked. In fact, I became so used to its presence that I’m thinking of keeping it out all year round. It’s heavy enough to be a paperweight, and the elves will remind me to incorporate the fun and spirit of Christmas in my everyday life all year long.

Thank you, Andy, for a lovely ornament.

And Miriam, thank you for organizing this swap. It was a lot of fun, both to give and receive. I hope you will do this again next year.

9 thoughts on “It’s in its new home

  1. Oh isn’t this just beautiful? Your picture is simply stunning and shows the fabulous work of the talented Andy! I continue to be thrilled each time I see a post of the beautiful decorations we have received. x Thank you for this lovely post.

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