It’s on its way!

It's on its way

Back in October, Miriam invited her readers to a swap of Christmas tree ornaments. Participants were asked to create (stitch, paint, knit, crochet, etc.) or purchase an ornament to send along to someone else in the swap. Now, how fun is that? The due date for sending ornaments is today (yes, last-minute-me again!), but I’m happy to say that my package is on its way to Becky.

Some of us are alumnae of Shimelle’s 2011 Blogging for Scrapbooking classes. We have stayed in touch since, mostly via Sian’s Storytelling Sunday, a first-Sunday-of-the-month opportunity to share whatever story is on our heart that month and, more recently, via Alexa’s Simply a Moment meme, among other connections.

I revisited Becky’s site, mostly to re-read some of her Storytelling Sunday contributions, to be sure that what I had in mind was suitable (and I do hope she likes it!). Becky is far ahead of me, having already posted her ornament to Honorè a few days ago. And, via Andrew Lean’s blog, I’ve had a sneak peak at the holiday elf that will be on my tree this year—I can hardly wait!

8 thoughts on “It’s on its way!

  1. Hi Wanda, I really like your blog post. I just wondered if the decorations I sent on the 18th November has arrived yet safely? I have my fingers cross with the UK postal system. Thank you Andy.

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