I wish I knew…

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…the name of this flower. For someone who enjoys the color, texture, and simple beauty of plant life as much as I do, I am woefully ignorant of the names of the flowers I find. The only thing I can tell you about this photo is that it was shot in the Black Hills area of South Dakota in June 2010. If I had to guess, I’d say it was probably a lily of some sort, but I honestly have no idea. Regardless, I was pleased to find it in my stash because last weekend (and any accompanying photo opportunities there might have been) vanished almost before it started!

A small typographical hint:
There are situations when the lettering on an image like this one needs a little extra oomph. Bolding the font is one option, but bolding can sometimes be too intense (because it usually increases the overall size of the lettering; as well, there are some fonts that don’t include bold options). An alternative is to duplicate the lettering layer one or more times. This intensifies the lettering without increasing its size. I used that technique with the word “woodland” in this image. I first sampled the image to find a color I liked, but the result was a little weak against the saturated greens of the background. A different font, size, color?? Nothing quite worked until I returned to this tried-and-true technique. Try it…I hope it will find a place in your Photoshop toolkit.

Posted for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. Image was processed with two layers of Kim’s Daisy texture. The first was set Color Burn at 80% opacity; the second was set to Multiply at 30%. In this case, I masked the photo so the texture is applied to the flower, leaving the greenery behind the bloom in its natural state.


11 thoughts on “I wish I knew…

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  3. Wanda, as always I am captured by the pictures you take, and I could sit and listen to you talk about each for hours. Thank you so much. Please be safe, Bill.

  4. I too am sure it is a spotted lily of some kind – it may be a ‘day lily’? Yes, I often use the duplicate lettering too for more emphasis – subtler than bold! Your photo is truly gorgeous.

  5. You and me both – I know daisy, rose and carnation but it almost the extent of my floral knowledge. And great typography tip – I also play with blending modes when I want to make type stand out from the background.

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