Creatively me?

131001 Softly

“Let your heart guide you. It whispers softly, so listen closely” ~ unknown

Reviewing my (very few) September posts, I realized how similar they are.

Not surprisingly, the image that accompanies today’s post is a continuation of that theme.

So I’m questioning myself…am I in a rut or is this my creative “voice”?

I sincerely hope it is the latter because I do (very much) enjoy combining an image and suitable post-processing (textures, blending modes, etc.) with a complementary quote.

My process:
– Woohoo, yeah, I kinda like this photo…
– Hmmm, can I find a quote that will work with this image?
– Search my local quote database and internet sites for a suitable quote…
– Woohoo (again!)…a few possibilities…
– Of those, what key words or phrases best emphasize the image?
– Now the fun part: choosing the typography—fonts, colors, sizes, etc. (fyi, I usually use one serif and one sans serif font and then vary font size and opacity to help emphasize key words and ideas within the quote).
– Resulting, finally, in a photo/post-processing/quotation combination that is, truly, creatively me…

Posted for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. Image was processed with one layer of Kim’s Colton texture set to multiply at 50% opacity. Fonts: English and Century Gothic.

6 thoughts on “Creatively me?

  1. Love this and thank you for sharing your process – very similar to mine I might add. 😉 Always love how you combine your images and play with your typography – definitely creative voice! (In my experience ruts don’t greet images with woohoo!).

  2. I think your creative voice is beautiful too! And I’m absolutely sure that’s what it is rather than being in a rut. Your comments on my blog have been so thoughtful (and much appreciated!) this month, that it’s obvious to me you are thinking deeply as you write. That’s creativity!

  3. Ah, you do the “Woohoo” too? 🙂 Reading your process made me smile. You definitely are highly skilled at this creative combination – I am always deeply impressed with your typography and the way you use it to give added emotional resonance to the words. I think this is definitely your creative voice coming through.

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