Self portrait?

130924 Beauty

This week’s rainy weather has prevented any sort of outdoor photography so I decided to look through my archives for a candidate for this week’s Texture Tuesday submission. I don’t know the name of this flower, but I like its exuberant “take-me-as-I-am-even-when-I’m having-a-bad-hairday” demeanor. In fact there are days when I might consider this a self portrait of sorts ;-)!

The image was processed with two layers of Kim’s Naturally texture. The first layer, positioned directly above the photo is set to Multiply at 50% opacity. The second layer, positioned at the top of the layer stack and set to Divide at 50% opacity, lightens the overall image and brings out the handwriting and postmark characteristics of the texture. Fonts: Century Gothic and Swenson.

8 thoughts on “Self portrait?

  1. Ah, your words made me smile – I like thinking of this as a stand-in selfie 🙂 We have certainly all had those prickly days. Great use of negative space to highlight that wonderful spiky pink. Are you sure you aren’t a secret graphic designer? Love your use of text.

  2. Edited Verison —
    Wanda, You always pick such wonderful subjects for your picture study. But your words were so so important in this weeks selection, It will be difficult to look at a flower in the future, and not wonder what it’s “demeanor” is. Thank you. Take care, Bill

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