Otherwise Occupied

130910 Flowers

It’s true…I haven’t posted in at least a couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been engaged in blog-related activity.

The most significant aspect of my recent offline endeavors is that I discovered something had gone seriously wrong with the external drive I use for image storage. For whatever reason, Windows showed the drive at 95%+ capacity even though a review of my image files confirmed I was using less than 10% of the drive’s available storage. I still don’t know what caused the problem, but I resolved it by (1) culling a lot of (way) less-than-stellar images, (2) converting all of my camera raw files to Adobe’s .dng format, (3) copying the remaining/converted files to the hard drive of my computer, (4) reformatting the external drive, and finally (5) re-copying the image files to the drive. So far, so good…but I will keep a close eye on that drive to see whether any other capacity issues arise.

I wanted to be as methodical as possible with that process because I also wanted to install the recently released Lightroom 5 upgrade. I’m a bit skittish about anything database-related for fear files will become disconnected—my two-dimensional brain doesn’t quite grasp the intricacies of multi-dimensional databases. Anyway, care in the previous steps (and more than likely some foolproofing on Adobe’s part) made that an easy and successful transition.

Finally, I realized how much I enjoy working with my images in the “darkroom” environments available in Photoshop, Lightroom, and ACDSee (my go-to apps), so I decided to investigate different blog themes in order to present my final images in a similar setting.

Now that those several issues are resolved and we are approaching cooler temperatures here in South Florida, I am once again looking forward to photo ops at both new and familiar sites.

Posted for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. Image was processed with one layer of Kim’s Savor texture set to multiply at 40% opacity and another layer of Kim’s Appreciate texture set to color burn at 30% opacity (I used the ellipse tool to remove the interior of the Appreciate layer so the remainder provides a subtle frame around the entire image). Fonts: inked god and century gothic.

7 thoughts on “Otherwise Occupied

  1. This is beautiful, Wanda. Like Brenda, I like the new design. I think the dark background sets off the image in an elegant way. I hope you’ll share your thoughts about Lightroom 5 after you’ve had a chance to work with it. I’ve been pondering whether to upgrade or not.

  2. I love your new “dark” site – it shows off your photograph in such a lovely way. I like seeing this in such detail – you are able to notice that the overall flower is actually made up of dozens of tiny individual blossoms. As always, I love your text work – beautifully done. And what a huge task you had to undertake – I’m glad that all your technical issues have been resolved.

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