August Break #9 & #10 ~ A two-day affair

Watercolor Rose

…a taste of Photoshop and a splash of red.

The very creative Alexa at Trimming the Sails highlighted a technique to add watercolor characteristics and texture to a photograph. After viewing the video tutorial, it seemed like the perfect project for August Break—fun, fairly easy, and nice results.

It took a bit of experimentation to find a suitable image, but this red rose, found in front of a vintage window frame, looked like it might be a good candidate.

Various filters and brushes are applied to duplicate copies of the original image, a vibrance adjustment is applied to a composite layer, and a watercolor paper texture is added via another filter.

I’m definitely going to try this again!


3 thoughts on “August Break #9 & #10 ~ A two-day affair

  1. I love playing with new effects and techniques! I especially love when I can transform an image that has been moldering in my archives.

    I like the beautifully saturated red of the rose against the paler, watery background – a nice effect.

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