August Break #3 ~ Lifestages



Today’s August Break prompt is “yellow.” These images, taken at an end-of-summer fair a couple of years ago, certainly qualify. What struck me as I reviewed these photos is how representative they are of our lifestages…

  • are you a bud, ready to burst into bloom?
  • are you at full bloom, enjoying the ascendancy of your power and influence?
  • are you the shy sister, the one who’s not quite sure where you fit in life’s scheme?
  • or, perhaps, you are somewhere between these stages?

Wherever, whatever, I hope you are able to celebrate your current situation and that you are looking forward to whatever is next for you.


6 thoughts on “August Break #3 ~ Lifestages

  1. Wanda, what a beautiful shade of yellow, I wish I had a shirt that color. You had very apt descriptions for the stages of the flower, I realized I was in that area between stages, and comfortable where I had been, but not so sure about the future. Yet the color and thought made me smile. — Take care, Bill

  2. I love sunflowers and capturing them at different stages is such a lovely thing to do. My brother says whatever, whatever. He is the only one I ever hear saying it… until you 🙂

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