August Break #1 ~ Iconic

Cass Street railroad bridge

Cass Street railroad bridge

Every city and town has its own unique, memorable, and photogenic locations. Today’s image, posted for Susannah Conway’s August Break, features the railroad bridge on Cass Street in Tampa. It was built in 1915 and, as far as I can tell is no longer in service, because it has been in the open position for the nearly ten years I’ve lived here. The other remarkable thing about the bridge (and every other accessible surface along the Hillsborough River) is the “crew art,” which has been added by the many university rowing teams who use the river to hone their rowing skills.


7 thoughts on “August Break #1 ~ Iconic

    • Brenda,

      I noted on your “It’s All Here” post that you gave your followers permission not to comment on your posts during “August Break.” I hope you will do the same as much as possible…and certainly with regard to anything I might post. I’ll look forward to catching up with you in September. In the meantime, enjoy your family-centric activities.


  1. Wanda, that is a beautiful picture, and I can say in all honesty I don’t ever remember seeing this bridge. You’ll have to give me specific directions so I can go look. Take care, Bill

    • Bill, the bridge is at Ashley Drive and Cass Street. The closest parking locations are probably the Children’s Museum and the Straz Center. Bonus: the spires at the University of Tampa.

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