A smile to start the day

July 22nd, 4:15 a.m. ~

A case of insomnia meant I was up at 3 a.m., an hour or so earlier than usual. Making my way through the early morning dark, I turned on my computer and then made a pot of coffee. Our cats (Slider, an all-black Maine coon cat, and Peaches, an orange tabby), asleep in their respective places, paid little attention to my early rising so I was able to enjoy a first cup of coffee while spending a few extra minutes thinking about the day ahead and catching up on overnight e-mails and blog posts. Soon enough, though, it was time for showering and what passes for my daily “beauty” routine.

Because I left the door to our bedroom open when I went to shower, both cats made their way into our bedroom. Slider more than likely dozed on the throw-rug on Art’s side of the bed while Peaches almost certainly fit herself into a curve of Art’s sleeping self.

Having finished my shower, I returned to the kitchen for breakfast and to give the cats their first feeding of the day. They are usually both right there, underfoot (!), anxiously awaiting a bit of kibble, but my early rising, the open bedroom door, etc., confused them enough that they didn’t appear until after I put the food into their bowls. So, as I turned around, I was treated to the sight of both cats, shoulder to shoulder in almost military order, rounding the corner into the kitchen. It made me smile…which is, of course, a great way to start a day.

Shared for Alexa’s “Simply A Moment,” a monthly opportunity to describe a moment—a minute or two or ten—of life. Feel free to join in, sharing whatever and however you like—a few words as I’ve done, a photo or two, a collage, or a scrapbook page.

6 thoughts on “A smile to start the day

  1. Wanda, having met both Slider and Peaches, and having been head butted by Slider I can only imagine the smile seeing them in lockstep coming around the counter. It would almost be the Mutt and Jeff of CATDOM. I realize the smile and warmth caused by them is always worth them sometimes being under foot. Take care, Bill

  2. What a lovely way to start the day…apart from the insomnia of course. I get it from time to time and it really sucks. I am amazed at what an early riser you usually are – round here anything before 6 is considered the middle of the night!

  3. Lovely to see your link and to read about your morning start. My, you get up early, my friend! I enjoyed the sense of your moving around, with half an eye on your feline companions and the rhythm of your words. Thank you very much for joining in the month and it has been lovely to pop in :).

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