A commanding presence

May 24th, 2013, 5:45 a.m. ~

Dressed in a rich, butter-yellow color, the setting moon was as big as I’ve ever seen it. It was my constant escort as I traveled the westbound leg of my morning commute. The pitch black sky was the perfect foil for the moon because there was nothing else visible in the nighttime sky.

While I was on the expressway, the moon was situated slightly off to my left. It was so spectacular that it was difficult to keep my eyes on the road rather than letting myself become mesmerized by this unexpected visual treat. And, as if that wasn’t special enough, a series of clouds passed in front of the moon, silhouetted against the moon’s brightness, almost as if they were soldiers on parade. Each cloud shape was different: some short and stout, others tall and thin like the cityscape beneath them, still others thin and wispy.

It was such a stunning display that I was sorry to reach my exit. But for the fact that my exit is the terminus of the expressway, I might have been persuaded to continue west in order to enjoy the moon’s show just a bit longer.

The remainder of my morning commute is several blocks along downtown streets. There is relatively little traffic on the roadway in the early mornings, but the traffic lights at each corner testify to how busy the streets are during the day. Usually I’m satisfied if I’m able to time my ride so I can make it through the traffic lights without having to stop at each one, but on this day I would have gladly stopped at each and every light along the way. Why? Because the moon had posted itself so it was perfectly centered above the boulevard, providing me with one last memorable show before I started my workday.

Shared for Alexa’s “Simply A Moment,” a mid-month opportunity to describe a moment—a minute or two or ten—of life. Feel free to join in, sharing whatever and however you like—a few words as I’ve done, a photo or two, a collage, or a scrapbook page.

21 thoughts on “A commanding presence

  1. Oh, you painted this picture so vividly – it brought back wonderful memories for me. When I lived in Maine, my drive home after work was eastward, and once or twice a year I’d catch the full moon rising right in front of my windshield, looking much as you describe. I wished there was someone there to share the stunning vision with me but had to be content with talking to myself as I drove along with my mouth open in awe.

  2. hi Wanda, I am popping over from Alexa’s This is the perfect moment for me to read today. I am so excited that we have the perigee and full moon so close together Sunday creating a supermoon!

    • Thanks for mentioning that it’s a full moon weekend–maybe I can grab a photo to complement this post. It certainly wasn’t possible when I was driving. Hopefully the weather will cooperate…

  3. I love looking at the moon…..what a wonderful journey to work, but like the others I’m wondering how early you have to set off?
    Alison xx

    • Early morning is prime time as far as I’m concerned. I’m up during the week at 3:50 and by 5 or so on the weekends. Bedtime comes early for me tho…

  4. This was lovely! I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off the moon when it is as beautiful as you’ve described, either! You must have a paper route, or you are a news reporter. At least you don’t have a lot of traffic going to work!

    • Nope, I’m the most ordinary of office managers. But I like the early morning, the light traffic, and a prime parking space–all because I get to work before it’s light out.

    • I’m fortunate to have a job where I can more or less set my own schedule. My early start lets me avoid traffic in both directions and I usually get a prime parking spot too. It’s all good…

  5. Apparently the moon is at its closest to the earth for some considerable time. Some people doubt its influence on us – it certainly had an impact on you!

    • I’ve been driving this route for the last five or six years and I’ve seen my fair share of moonsets, but this one was, by far, the most spectacular and memorable.

  6. Wanda, you have an elegance in your writing. The way you can turn a vision into a word is so sweet, sometimes magical. I wanted to be in the car with you that morning to witness the moonscape. Take care and have a great day. — Bill

    • Thank you, Bill. This was probably the easiest-to-write post I’ve ever done. The moon’s presence was so powerful, and its two presentations (one over the bay, the other over the street lights) were so amazing that the post almost wrote itself.

  7. What a beautiful read! And how lovely to have been able to catch her with her soldiers … Mind you, it does make me wonder what time you get up in the morning! Thank-you so much for joining in again, and for giving us such a memorable glimpse of your early start … :).

    • Alexa, I’m a confirmed early-bird. I’m up M-F at 10 minutes to 4, out the door at 5:30, and at my desk by 6. I beat the traffic in both directions and am usually home early enough that I at least think about cooking something for dinner.

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