A balancing act

18 Things that Energize

In a world of multiple and usually competing demands, we are tasked this week to report how we manage to stay energized. I haven’t yet read other entries for this week’s topic, but I will not be surprised if many of them mirror my own challenge: how to remain interested and engaged despite a multi-faceted, work-a-day world in which each of us must somehow merge job and home responsibilities with activities (for me: blogging, photography, post-processing, etc.) that help us feel creative and complete.

Relatedly, it seems the biggest challenge is convincing myself that “me” time is OK—that whatever chore awaits will still be there after I’ve satisfied my creative urge. But—I’ve found I usually do better creatively if I’ve taken care of work and household responsibilities sufficiently that I can spend some focused time on my creative interests. Bottom line…there aren’t now, and probably never will be, enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do.

The upside of all this is that I’m involved in a more diverse, yet related, set of activities now than ever before. The online presence I’ve developed over the last several years has exposed me to ideas, personalities, and talents I never imagined. So, even though I may never get to do everything I would like to, the opportunities are so plentiful that it’s mostly a matter of choosing which among the many options have the most potential reward.

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  • Decisions made ~ even the simplest ones, such as what to do for dinner tonight, release me from that particular responsibility so I can focus on things beyond the basics.
  • Outdoor time ~ preferably solo, to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature’s majesty.
  • An orderly home ~ I used to enjoy the process of cleaning; these days, I’m just glad when it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it until next time.
  • Chilling ~ with magazines and, more recently, with my reader app to keep up with fellow creatives.
  • A good novel ~ the genre (historic, contemporary, fantasy) doesn’t matter as much as the opportunity to relate with a rich cast of characters. Current read: Fall of Giants by Ken Follett.
  • Weekend chefery ~ a few extra hours on a Saturday or Sunday lets me audition food-tv and magazine recipes or return to familiar, tried-and-true favorites. Whichever, I’m glad to have the opportunity to turn my hand to something that lets my family know just how much I care for them.
Posted for Week 18 of Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists project, an opportunity for list addicts like me to join up with like-minded bloggers to celebrate their list-keeping tendencies. Fresh prompts are posted each Tuesday—check it out when you can. Product credits available upon request.

4 thoughts on “A balancing act

  1. Love this post and your list. I am just the same – much more creatively productive if everything else is done – not that that ever really happens! I love what your wrote about your online presence exposing you to other’s talents and ideas. I so agree and that has been such a gift for me too.

  2. That search for balance is a life-long struggle. Even now, in retirement with my adult children on their own, the issue of how to spend my time still raises questions. Like you, I find that a certain level of “doneness” must exist around me before I can allow myself that “ME” time – even when most of my hours are “ME” time. Hard to throw off old habits and ways of being.

    I enjoyed this personal view into your world and to understand those things that keep you going.

  3. Wanda, Sometimes I look upon you as the energizer bunny going and going and going. But unlike the energizer bunny, you always seem to have direction. This snapshot shows how you come about that direction. It’s a nice little view into your world. Thank you, — Bill

  4. A lovely read about how you stay energised and I have really enjoyed your response to the prompt. I always find it a challenge, myself, and am making a concerted effort to recognise what I need and how to get it. I really empathise with there not being enough hours in the day …

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