People I Admire

17 People I Admire

The people listed here are important to me in more ways than I can count or explain. I’ve learned something from each them and I am consistently challenged to be a better person than I would be without their influence. Some of them (and each of them at one time or another) make me laugh, some of them help me understand both the simple and profound, and some of them just keep me honest. Regardless of their placement on this freestyle hierarchy, each of the people I’ve listed here have been influential beyond measure in my life’s journey.

My list is arranged more or less by proximity—close family is at the top in larger letters followed by extended family and friends (note: smaller lettering is a function of space rather than importance). All that said, I’m focusing on my Aunt Clarice, found at the very bottom of the arrangement.

Clarice has consistently and enthusiastically promoted family reunions, and her photo albums are the centerpiece of every gathering. Older family members use the pictures as prompts for their own memories and younger ones wonder about the history, personalities, and lifestyles of their forebears. It finally occurred to me at a reunion a few years ago that my own small family would not enjoy a similar experience unless I somehow moved our photos and memorabilia from their random storage containers to something more organized and meaningful. That, as they say, was the start of something wonderful.

Paper scrapbooking quickly evolved to its digital counterpart and, from there, has expanded to embrace Photoshop,  Lightroom, photography, blogging, and an array of supporting and complementary interests. Even better, I discovered a community of like-minded creatives—people who inspire, support, and challenge me.

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Posted for Week 17 of Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists project, an opportunity for list addicts like me to join up with like-minded bloggers to celebrate their list-keeping tendencies. Moorea posts a fresh prompt each Tuesday—check it out when you can.
Layout inspired by Miriam’s recent Storytelling Sunday post. Product credits and font information available upon request.

6 thoughts on “People I Admire

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how your creative world was so expanded by that single decision? Your digital scrapbooking efforts are so inspiring – you have such a talent for combining family memories into beautiful and creative layouts.

  2. This is lovely, I like how you put your list into a layout. I have been following along with the prompts for this meme but haven’t started yet! there are sooo many wonderful things to join in blog land and not enough days in the week.
    Thanks for linking back to me x

    • Thanks, Miriam. Besides the opportunity to participate in an interesting-to-me meme, I’m also hoping this weekly project will help reinvigorate my dormant Photoshop and digital scrapbooking skills. Thanks again for being so generous with your layout design.

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