Romantic Gestures

The man was dressed in faded jeans and shirt and had long, thin gray hair gathered into a band at the nape of his neck. He had just parked their ride, a small pickup that, like him, had long since lost its showroom shine, and was walking around to the passenger side of the vehicle to open the door for his companion. The woman, similarly dressed in worn jeans and blouse, was adorned with her own shade of gray hair.

Making their way across the parking lot to the entrance of the fast food restaurant, the two of them reached out, as if on cue or from long practice, to take each other’s hand…

and then the traffic light changed, leaving the couple behind…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Shared for Alexa’s Simply A Moment,” a mid-month opportunity to describe a moment—a minute or two or ten—of life. Feel free to join in, sharing whatever and however you like—a few words as I’ve done, a photo or two, a collage, or a scrapbook page. Also posted for the Daily Post’s current Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing. As seen April 12, 2013.

12 thoughts on “Romantic Gestures

  1. Such a moving moment – it makes me tear up – at the beauty of small loving gestures. Especially now – to recognize the love that does exist in our world – despite recent events that would lead one to think otherwise.

  2. What a lovely moment to share with us. You have cast such a beautiful description of the couple, I wonder who they were.
    You have a lovely style of writing, I hope you will share another moment next month!

  3. I’m so delighted to see your link, Wanda, and thank-you so much for joining in this month. I feel moved by the delicate poignancy in your description of this couple, and how you too had a little glimpse into their lives before you had to leave and be on your own way… Lovely to see you and thank-you again :).

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