Something borrowed…and other minor misadventures

The theme for October’s Storytelling Sunday at Sian’s High in the Sky blog is Let’s Dress Up! Check out some of the other stories here and feel free to add your one of your own—everyone is welcome.

There isn’t much call for dress up in our lives these days—it seems like casual wear is the order of the day almost everywhere—and both of us tend to prefer comfort to style anyway. That said, I do have a dress up story associated with our wedding anniversary a couple of years ago. I hope you will enjoy this short tale.

To celebrate our 38th anniversary, Art and I decided to spend the weekend at Disney World. We were both busier than usual the week of the trip so we weren’t as ready to go as we usually are. After a flurry of last minute packing, we were on our way by about 4:30 Friday afternoon and, with cooperative traffic, made it to Disney in a little over an hour.

As we unpacked, we each realized that we had forgotten a few things…most were toiletries we could either do without or could be replaced at the hotel sundry shop. However…as we were getting ready for dinner Saturday night, Art realized that he hadn’t brought a tie. After some discussion about whether I said I already had a tie for him (I never said that!!), Art made (another!) trip to the hotel shop to see if he could find a tie. That didn’t work out so he decided to see whether he could “borrow” one from the hotel’s lost and found. After a few minutes’ search, the front desk attendant returned with what she said was the only tie in the lost and found. Fortunately it was fairly subdued and, while not exactly Art’s taste, worked OK with the blazer and slacks he was wearing.

Our dinner was a Disney “sweetheart dinner” at Artist’s Point at the Wilderness Lodge. As we were seated, the hostess gave each of us a dinner menu that had been personalized with our names—the only problem was that somehow Arthur had come out “Author,” so we had one more thing to laugh about during what was quickly becoming a memorable evening (though the maitre d’ did provide us with corrected menus before we left). The service was wonderful and everything we selected, from appetizer through entrée and dessert, was as good or better than we expected. There was a tiny bit of excitement while we ate when something started flying around the dining room. We never quite decided whether it was a bird or a bat but fortunately it never bothered any of the diners.

Later, when we returned to our room, we found that the hotel had left us an anniversary fruit basket. Though we weren’t hungry, we decided to open the basket to check out the goodies. It was a good thing we did because underneath the crackers, cheese, and chocolate, we discovered that the fruit was all moldy. So, Art set off to the front desk again to return his borrowed tie and to let them know the condition of the gift basket. Shortly after Art returned to our room, an apologetic staff member delivered a freshly made basket of apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes.

Sunday morning we discovered that the Friday night dinner we charged to our room was not on our hotel bill. The front desk attendant (fortunately a different one than those who helped Art with the tie or who dealt with the defective fruit basket!) tried to find the charge slip but couldn’t so we were never charged for that dinner.

Note: in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that except for minor editing this post is identical to one I posted in October 2010 (shortly after the events I describe). It was one of my first posts, and I doubt anyone but me has ever read it—so I decided to dust it off for this month’s Storytelling Sunday.


14 thoughts on “Something borrowed…and other minor misadventures

  1. Love your story! No worries, many of us repeat our posts, especially the early ones with no comments or visitors! You both handled your “surprises” very well and the outcome was amazing (a perfect public relations act on the part of Disney). I grew up in Southern California where Disney was a large part of my life. I will always regard my experiences as nothing less than fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping by my “Tenderness” post. Your comments are very much appreciated!

  2. What a memorable anniversary celebration! My husband and I leave on Oct 22 for Disney World – to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I’ll report back as to whether we experience anything of note to rival your story.

  3. Wanda, I remember when you and Art shared that story with Steph and I shortly after the event. I chuckled throughout most of the telling (as I visualized Art). It was fun then and fun once again reading about it. — Take care, Bill

  4. ..and I’m very glad you did too! what a wonderfully entertaining story – I kept reading and wondering what was going to happen next. It’s lovely that you were able to laugh together at your entertaining weekend. Thanks for the story Wanda

  5. Quite an eventful anniversary weekend! I love that you had a ‘sweetheart dinner’ and they printed a menu calling your husband ‘Author’ instead of Art. Wonderful memories.

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