Of earrings & figurines

Falling in love and, more importantly, being the center of someone else’s love was a revelation for me.**

Our 1970s courtship was long. It was also complicated by other factors including his divorce and the fact that our respective military assignments meant we lived nearly a thousand miles apart (and that doesn’t even take into account a couple of Mediterranean and WestPac cruises that took him half a world away for six or more months each year). Several-times-a-week letters and occasional phone calls filled the weeks and months between in-person visits (his place or mine?), but they were a poor substitute for the everyday, long-term relationship we eventually decided we wanted.

Our justice-of-the-peace wedding likely predicted the low-key and pragmatic approach that continues to characterize how we deal with almost anything that comes our way. As such, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and other special event gifts have almost always been more practical than extravagant (case in point: the right side rearview mirror he got for me as a birthday gift to enhance the base model car I had at the time—in his favor: it’s what I asked for AND he went out of his way to have it fancy-wrapped to mark the occasion).

I tell you all this as background to two much more extravagant gifts he gave me early on in our marriage.

Wearing a denim jacket (with embroidery he did himself!) and carrying his motorcycle helmet (can you say dirtbag?), he went into a local jewelry story to find an anniversary gift for me. After checking out what was on offer, he settled on a pair of silver loveknot earrings. To this day, I don’t know how much they cost, but I do know that he ended up having words with the salesman who made the mistake of asking whether he could afford the earrings

The second gift was a mother-and-child figurine he gave me for my first mother’s day. It is special to me, first, because it commemorates an especially important time of life for me and, second, because it demonstrates his appreciation and commitment to the us+1 family we had recently become. As you can imagine, that figurine continues to enjoy pride of place on my dresser.

These two items are high on my list of what I consider to be family heirlooms, more because of the love and commitment they represent than any monetary value they might have. I hope to pass both of these along to our daughter at some appropriate time (probably along with a copy of this post so she has a better understanding of why they are important to me).

** I’m not saying that my parents didn’t love me or that I was mistreated in any way, but Mom and Dad were so engaged in their all-consuming struggle to keep their ever-growing family fed, clothed, and housed that they had little time or energy left over to deal with anything more than the most urgent individual needs of their children. As a result, most of my childhood memories are of the collective sort: “we” (Mom, Dad, siblings) had Sunday dinner, etc., rather than Dad (or Mom) and I did this, that, or the other thing.

6 thoughts on “Of earrings & figurines

  1. Soft smile, yeah your hubby is special and thoughtful. He is also a good friend. It is always nice to see that special side of a person, the thoughtful part, from my own experience, I know it’s there. — Bill

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  3. Special treasures, that is for sure…and how special to have passed down…to your daughter. I treasure those things made by my mom, and even more so after she passed away…and I am so thankful for the photos and videos of our family as our children grew…and I understand what you mean about practical gifts, since there are times my hubby and I have agreed on going for the practical, necessary things in lieu of the things that may be more a want. It is so sweet to receive something totally unexpected and love the thought process in the gift picked or created by hand.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you so very much for stopping by and for your sweet comment about our grandbaby :o) I am finally catching up on my blog visits and was also able to get my post for this week up!

  4. Very enjoyable to read – and it’s a post with a challenge too. Now I’m thinking of “heirlooms”..I think I’d have to say my little engagement ring bought with the proceeds of a summer job when he was still a student. Nice thoughts for a Friday, thanks Wanda!

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