Celebrating Color

“beyonders”—a term applied to participants in Kim Klassen’s year-long Beyond Layers class—celebrated color all last week. We were challenged to share green images, and then, in turn, yellow, pink, blue, and red. The color party culminated on Saturday when rainbbow colors were on the agenda. A post-a-day is a bit ambitious for this working girl, so I combined my images into a GingerPixels template that was shared earlier in the class.

Most of these images come from my 2011 archives and, I must say, going back through my files to find these photos was so much fun! Most of them come from close-to-home locations but I also came across photos from our New Orleans and Key West trips.

Clockwise from upper left:

  • The robin’s egg blue paint on this old pickup probably isn’t original, but I thought it was gorgeous!
  • I have no idea what this red, frondy flower is, but close inspection shows a coiled up frond just waiting to make its grand entrance.
  • The parrot is one of the more colorful creatures at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and is my contribution to the rainbow challenge.
  • I’m in love with the shy-seeming aspect of this sunflower, found at a local pumpkin festival last fall.
  • This coral beauty was found at a botanical garden in New Orleans.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Color

  1. A great selection of pics..and I thought the red flower was a ‘bottlebrush’- mine are just about to blossom!
    Alison xx

  2. What a gorgeously colorful collection, and I agree with Brenda about the layout. By the way, the “red, frondy flower” is a bottlebrush (Callistemon species). I happen to know that because it grows well in the hot, dry west where I’m from (and where I’m going back to). In fact, there’s one in the soon-to-be-mine garden already!

  3. Wanda – are you sure you aren’t a secret graphic designer? If not, perhaps you should consider a career change. You have such an eye for layout and font usage – I really like this. Love the way the you separated the parrot into two frames. Love the point of view and composition of the pick-up shot. This collage is like a box of new Crayola crayons.

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