Rules of the Game

I can always tell when a new diversion is becoming an obsession because I find myself trying to relate everything I see, hear, read, etc., to that interest. It turns out that “Words with Friends” (WWF) is no exception. Until WWF came to my attention a few weeks ago (thanks to the publicity around Alec Baldwin’s bad behavior), I had managed to avoid on-line/interactive gaming. But I do have an abiding fascination with words so, yes, I find myself spending more time playing this game than I should, especially given all the other things I want/need to spend time on. Anyway…

Words with Friends gameboard

The rules, the board, the letter tiles, points, etc., are very similar to Scrabble, a family game-time staple for many of us. I make both Scrabble and Words with Friends a bit more complicated than the standard rules because I add a few additional rules to my own game-playing. Specifically, I do my level best to make at least 5-letter words, I look for ways to extend words (prefixes, suffixes, etc.), and I would rather place tiles in a way to promote subsequent play than to achieve higher scores (i.e., double/triple letter and/or double/triple word). My experience thus far with WWF reveals that this is not a winning strategy, but I persist regardless.

It seems that the letter “J” is, for me, the most difficult letter to use, so for this week’s Alphabe-Thursday study of the letter “J,” I offer up the following from recent WWF games:

  • injure (-s, -d, -y)
  • ja
  • jab (-s, -bed, -bing)
  • jade
  • jail (-s, ed, -er)
  • jam (-s, med, -ming)
  • jeer (-s, -ed, -ing)
  • jest (-s, -ed, -ing)
  • jig (-s, ger)
  • join (ad-, re-; -s, -ed, -ing)
  • joint (-s, -ed)
  • jones (this word isn’t in my Webster’s, so I have no idea what it means)
  • juice (-s, -ed, -y, -ier)
  • junk (-s, -ed, -er, -yard)
  • just (ad-, -ed, -ice)

Now I’m curious: what’s your go-to “J” word for Scrabble or Words with Friends? (because, clearly, I need all the help I can get. And thanks for sharing!)

9 thoughts on “Rules of the Game

  1. I love these words! I think I better avoid looking into more it until I get all my packing done, though. It looks really addictive.

    I just want an opportunity to use the word “Ja”!

    Thanks for a fun little jaunt through the letter “J” today!


  2. Jewel (-ry, -er), jealous (-y). I’ve never heard of this game before, but used to play Scrabble a lot. That was one of my parents’ favorites and I was always thrilled to be allowed to join in. Sometimes I even won!

  3. My son and his girlfriend play this but I had no idea exactly what it was. Thanks for giving me a lesson in WWF. And I love your additional “rules” – winning strategy or not. I’m not much of a “word” game player but how about “joust”?

  4. jo, joist, join, jut, jog, jury….I got hooked on WWF cuz I’m an old scrabble fanatic from way back. I don’t like the dictionary it uses…there are some words that would never be allowed in scrabble and some that I know are legit words that WWF doesn’t allow. Oh well. If you like that, try hanging with friends and my newest addiction, scramble with friends…oh my!

  5. I haven’t played this, but have had other friends recommend it highly as well. You must be pretty good if you can play by your additional rules, and it sounds like you are making the game more fun for others too. Thanks for sharing your recent favorite diversion. 🙂 Sorry, I have no “J ” word to offer.

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