I’m reminded…

Rusted & Worn

Update for Photo-Heart Connection: I tried to like some of my other images in order to add something new for the inaugural Photo-Heart Connection, but this one stuck with me in a big way. It was, for me, such a striking photo, and the post is as true-to-me as I know how to be.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m old enough that this rusty piece of farm equipment speaks to me.

The rust reminds me of time gone by…of mistakes made and lessons learned along the way.

Its gears remind me that trying is always better than not and that determination, ingenuity, and common sense can overcome almost any obstacle.

The wheel’s circular shape reminds me that life continues, even when I, in grief or anger or disappointment, might want to give up.

The space between the spokes reminds me to keep an open heart and an open mind and, no matter how old I am, to be more attentive to the future than I am to the past.

Texture Tuesday processing – added Kim Klassen’s Shades of November texture with blend mode set to Multiply at 50%; used a layer mask to remove the texture from portions of the wheel.

27 thoughts on “I’m reminded…

  1. I love how you found so much meaning in this image. One that I might admire, but not think thru so fully. Yet in your description I can see what you speak of. Nicely done Wanda. I’ll be looking forward to your next connection.

  2. Hey, you have to go with the heart connection you find! You already wrote a perfect post for Photo-Heart Connection, I’m so glad you linked it in. I love this image, how the focus is through the first wheel. Everything goes perfect with your words. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It feels like the fullness of life with it multi faceted offerings is brought to you by this photo. Your photo and words touche that spot in me as well.

  4. Beautiful old rusty farm equipment! I love your lessons from it. I’m glad I found you from Sweet Shot Tuesday. We’re the same age, and I’m wanting to learn more about photography this year, too! Blessings to you!

  5. Oh, yes – I completely understand the attraction to the rusted and worn – that which wears its long life with grace and beauty. Here’s to living with an open heart and open mind – thoughts written with great wisdom.

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