Back to normal

We’ve been traveling more frequently than usual these last few months and, as a result, almost every aspect of our lives has been disrupted in some manner. Household chores have gone begging and meals have tended more toward take out than homemade. Blog posts have also been few and far between, and I don’t even want to think about how far behind I am in my blog reader. Finally, though, things are settling down and we are looking forward to staying home over the Christmas holidays. Best of all, I find myself with quite a bit of vacation time left that I have to use before year end so between vacation days, holiday time, and weekends, I’ll have something like 11 days in a row off from work. I am so looking forward to it!

I’ve finally finished the last layout for Jana Morton’s Blending and Beyond class. I used photos from a recent early morning visit to an area botanical garden. It was the first time I deliberately planned a first light photo shoot and, I must say, it was worth the effort to get to the park before sunrise.

Detailed product credits available upon request.


The class, which focused on blending techniques and extractions, was excellent and significantly increased my confidence about using some of the more advanced digital techniques to create a scrapbook layout. In fact, I enjoyed the class so much that I’ve already signed up for Jana’s follow-on class, Creative Composites. Note: both classes will be hosted at the Creative Passion site starting in 2012. Creative Composites starts on January 9th and the foundation course, Blending and Beyond, will start in mid-February.

If you are a digital scrapper looking to explore new techniques, I encourage you to consider taking Jana’s Blending and Beyond class (it’s a prerequisite to the Creative Composites course). You will find Jana to be an engaging and gifted teacher who is enthusiastic about passing her knowledge on to others.

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