Embrace the day

Morning is my time of day. As far as I’m concerned, each dawn has the potential to become a wonderful day, and I want to be there at the very start of it. Given my early bird disposition, I decided that a sunrise photo shoot would be perfect for the “new light” assignment in Kat Sloma’s Journey of Recognition course** (part of the Find Your Eye series). I’m just surprised that I haven’t done more early morning shooting before now. My only excuse is that weekends are the only time I have for photography, and I don’t push myself out the door as early then as I do during the work week. So, this past Saturday morning, I left home in sufficient time to arrive at my destination, an area botanical garden, a few minutes before the sun came up. It was definitely worth the trip!

This photo was taken about 90 minutes after sunrise, in a fairly shady area. I was initially attracted to this plant because of the spiky leaf bed around the bloom, but I also liked the flower because its texture and color reminded me of hibiscus. A nearby marker informed me that this is a cotton plant—I had no idea cotton even had a flower, never mind that it was as pretty as this is!

This next photo is also a cotton blossom, but it was taken quite a bit later in the morning and, even though I’ve adjusted the exposure, it’s obvious that the stronger light is washing out the color of the flower.

What’s not to like about water droplets on flower petals? Both of the following shots were shot well within the “golden hour” before the sun dried off the early morning dew.

Finally, I liked these last two images because the first one is an immature version of the second one.

I enjoyed the morning. Since the park was almost empty, I was able to take as much time as I needed in order to move around my subjects to see how light from various angles affected them. Post processing was fairly straightforward: applying a camera profile, adjusting color balance and exposure when necessary, and a crop or two. I’m still working on the idea of shooting purposefully, but end up becoming distracted by technical issues related to exposure and focus as well as by subject matter, lighting options, etc. I get annoyed with myself when I first look at my downloaded images because I realize, again, how inconsistent I’ve been with my photography. Still, I’m confident that continued practice will result in good habits replacing bad ones and that shooting with intention will become one of those good habits.

**This course ended a couple of weeks ago, but I’m trying to finish these assignments before the next course, Journey of Inspiration, starts in mid-October.

3 thoughts on “Embrace the day

  1. My favorite is the same as Brenda’s, though all these photos are lovely. I too love early morning light, though like you, I seldom get up early enough on weekends to use it. Weekdays, I’m too busy trying to make it to work on time to even think about taking photos.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and appreciate your perseverance to finish up the class. Thanks too for your comment on my post!

  2. Wanda,
    Such lovely photos. And kudos to you for pushing yourself out the door in order to catch the sunrise – that is real commitment. But you were well-rewarded for your efforts. My favorite is the baby daisy – I love everything about it – the composition, the focus, the detail, the soft pink background.

  3. Your photos are all so beautiful with gorgeous light! I agree, morning light is so beautiful. I’m not usually out that early either!! Your thoughts on “shooting purposefully” apply to me as well. I’m still struggling with concentrating on each shot instead of just snapping pictures. Like you, I hope it comes with practice!
    Glad you’re feeling better and able to finish the class!

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