serendipity (n.) – a seeming gift for finding something good accidentally; luck, or good fortune, in finding something good accidentally.

…is a happy, bubbly little word that, to me, sounds just like what it means. And who can argue with the emotional and, perhaps, physical lift that a serendipitous moment provides. So, I’m keeping this week’s post short and simple, though I will share with you a scrapbook layout from a couple of years ago of one of my own serendipitous moments.

Digital products: Lauren Bavin at

Here’s wishing you a serendipitous day!

This post is my response to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday challenge for the letter “S”.

11 thoughts on “Serendipity…

  1. I love that word! In fact, it was the first word I thought of when doing the S post. I ended up doing a different S word, which is good considering are posts are next to each other on the list!

    I enjoyed this post!

  2. It’s one of my favorite words and one of my favorite feelings – when I realise that I’m experiencing a moment of serendipity.

  3. This is a super post! I really am glad I stopped by. I have visited all the posts that were up when I signed in at number 34! whew! Enjoy the weekend. Anne

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