I’m just sayin’…

This post is my response to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabet Thursday challenge for the letter “P”.


I really do enjoy AlphabeThursday, especially the after-party—i.e., reading as many contributor posts as I can make time for. There is, of course, the satisfaction of creating a credible post and the tiny thrill (silly, but true) I get from linking up my own entry and, later, the bigger thrill of reading the comments other bloggers are kind enough to leave. Almost immediately, however, I start wondering…what word or phrase am I going to use for next week’s challenge? From time to time, I’ll have had something in mind for several weeks and it’s just a matter of waiting for the right letter’s turn, but then there are weeks when I struggle to find a word that appeals as a writing topic. The letter “P” this week is a case in point. So here I am, a dictionary and thesaurus on my right and a ticking clock on my left, still undecided about this week’s word.

I considered writing about…

  • how proud I am to be an American and yet how embarrassed, disgusted, and distressed I am by the partisan gridlock that is holding us all hostage
  • how peeved I am that real life has kept me from completing this post more promptly
  • how I’m struggling with the ponderous prose of Jane Eyre, hoping that I manage to finish the book before the video I have on reserve at the library is available
  • how pleased I am to have prompts like this, both for the challenge they present and the blog-fodder they provide
  • having only one more Harry Potter video to watch before I allow myself to see the last movie in the series
  • my favorite baked potato recipe
  • the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalks that will be taking place on October 1st and 2nd (check here to find a walk near you)

I’m just sayin’…if I’m perplexed over the letter “P“, when there are nearly 129 pages of “P” entries in my dictionary, how am I going to fare when we get to next week’s “Q” that has only 8 pages worth of entries or the upcoming “X” that has fewer than 100 entries (including, amazingly enough, several definitions for the letter itself!)?

By the way, did you notice that I used 19 different “p” words in this post but still couldn’t settle on just one as the topic for this challenge! Now I’m off to see what you, my fellow bloggers, have decided to do with this week’s letter…

12 thoughts on “I’m just sayin’…

  1. Bravo! This was such a creative and sweet post! I love the ‘tangent’ direction…trust me, it’s how I think naturally!

    I share so many of your sentiments…I think we all need to pray that through some miracle America finds some leaders with courage and common sense to start us on a pathway to becoming whole and powerful again.

    I want to see your favorite bake potato recipe! Maybe you can use it for “Q”. Quite lovely baked potato recipe! ha!

    Thanks for the smile and thank you for linking.


  2. I absolutely noticed your great usage of words beginning with P!
    I’m a bit concerned about the letter Q myself.
    Have a wonderful end of the week and weekend!!

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