I am, by no means, a gourmet cook. I do try to mix it up a
bit on the weekend by experimenting with a new recipe or two, but our Monday to
Friday fare is exceedingly simple, usually some combination of salad, sandwich,
or leftover/planned-over (freezer meal). In addition, depending on what’s going
on at my work, a too-frequent question in our house is “what flavor of
take-out would you like tonight?” DH is tolerant of these easy weekday
meals, even last night’s simple supper of tuna salad on wheat bread. I wish I
could say that I finished the plates by adding apple slices, but we opted for
less healthy potato chips instead.

Our cats (Slider, a large male Maine coon cat, and Peaches,
a small orange female) don’t get that tuna is people food. In fact, it’s quite
funny to note their reactions when a can of tuna is opened. Last night, for
example, the little one was sound asleep but responded almost immediately by
first twitching her ears, then opening her eyes, and finally voicing a hopeful,
high-pitched “me?” to show she was paying attention. However, she
wasn’t interested enough to rouse herself from the couch and was soon fast
asleep again. Slider wasn’t at all subtle about his interest. I think his ears
perk up whenever he hears the can opener and then he waits to see whether the
contents of the container appeal to him. In this case it was just a matter of
seconds before he was at my feet, convinced that he was getting an extra treat.
Fortunately for us their interest in tuna dissipates as soon as I mix in
people-friendly ingredients like onions, pickle, tarragon, and mayo, and we are
eventually able to eat our sandwiches in peace.

Their reaction to containers with pull-tops is even
stronger. They are convinced that all pull-top cans are cat food and are
immediately underfoot as soon as they hear the distinctive sounds those cans
make as they are opened. Slider is especially pushy and, at 15+ pounds, is
large enough and strong enough to cause a person to fall if they aren’t
attentive to his whereabouts.

Do your household pets make meal prep an adventure? What foods do they
react to and how?

3 thoughts on “Underfoot!

  1. Mmm, I can see I’d have to give Slider a wide berth if he was in pushy mode! We don’t have any pets, but it’s interesting to read about yours. 🙂

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