Do you “meetup”?

DH and I have been slaving away at our household renovation project for what seems like forever, but everything has finally come together—the wood flooring is so very rich looking, the fresh paint is…well, so very fresh, and the new bedding and drapes go a long way to making a house into a home. We still have a lot of work to do to get everything back in order, but we can take our time with all that because all the contractor work is done.

So this past Saturday, except for a few early morning chores around the house, I took the day off (a dress instead of jeans, polished nails, etc.). The highlight of the day was spending the afternoon with the Digital Divas, a group of women in the Tampa (Florida) area, who range from amateur to near-professional photographers. The premise of this group is to share, learn, and have fun on field trips to local destinations in the company of other female photo enthusiasts. Saturday’s agenda involved learning about studio and portrait photography courtesy of a member who generously shared her home and studio with us, and another member with considerable portraiture experience. For me, it was exactly what I needed after weeks and weeks of household drudgery to, once again, kick start my enthusiasm for the photographic adventure.

Digital Divas is a meetup group. I first learned about meetup groups from the leader of the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk I participated in last year. I had been looking for a local photo group that would be welcoming and supportive of a beginner photographer but until then hadn’t found anything too promising. I was thrilled to find two photo groups, the Digital Divas and the Brandon-Riverview Photonatics, in our area that seemed to fill the bill. You would think one group would be enough, but it’s nice to have options—sometimes one group’s ideas don’t appeal or occur at inconvenient (for me) times, and I like the differing perspectives of an all-girl group and a male/female group.

The point of this post isn’t about the groups I’m in or why I like them…instead, I just want to let others know about Meetup. It’s a nifty idea—people of similar interests getting together to learn and to socialize. Just for fun, I entered “photography” for such diverse locations as Madrid, Spain; London, England; Seattle, Washington (USA); and, Auckland, New Zealand, and saw several entries for each. Take a few minutes to check it out–you may just find a group that suits you!

And, BTW, if you haven’t yet participated in a Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk, you SHOULD! The 2011 event is tentatively planned for the weekend of October 1-2. If 2011 is anything like previous years, there will be, literally, thousands of walkers participating in more than a thousand photo walks all around the planet. It is a great opportunity to spend a few hours visiting familiar haunts or new-to-you locations, but the real payoff comes when you get to view the many amazing photos that will be posted after the event.

4 thoughts on “Do you “meetup”?

  1. I’ve never explored meet-up groups, but your post made me think I should. I wonder if there is a group of old women who haven’t played their violin in years and years, can’t even remember how to tune the darn thing, but would like to at least learn to replace the broken strings? Nah! I’m going to take a look at that Photo Walk, too. I’m much better at photography than I am at playing the violin.

  2. What a fab idea, thanks for sharing. I’ve been meaning to find something local to find since moving in with M as I had to drop ladies circle as it clashes with our dance class now. Will go and have a nosey now 🙂

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