One good read after another

I’ve been in the habit in my “siteseeing” posts of offering up several different links for you to explore. Today I don’t have to do that because the featured blogger has already done all the work for me!

During April, Relyn at Come Sit By My Fire ran a series about living passionately. Throughout the month she and a number of guest bloggers posted about what their respective passions are. The blogosphere we share is an amazing place—where we can each be ourselves while at the same time learning about and appreciating the enthusiams of others. So, today, I invite you to start with Relyn’s April 1st post where she introduces the theme and then, as you have time, click along to some of the other writers and their personal passions such as scrapbooking, parenting, and ordinary miracles. Relyn introduces each guest blogger and usually includes a link to the writer’s own blog so you can easily go visit other sites to see what the various writers are up to. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did and that you will leave a comment or two as you visit. Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “One good read after another

  1. Thank you for this kind post and links. Isn’t blogging and the new friends that come with it just the most surprising and wonderful gift?

  2. Hello Wanda! and thank-you for popping in :). I’ve called back to say hi, and what lovely lovely links you are providing! I admire your title for this post – a great way with words!

  3. Wanda, thank you for stopping by for a visit. Relyn is my niece and she is so blessed with words and with enthusiasm. I always so enjoy her posts. I pray for you “enough” today!

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