(Not such a) NKOTB fan

This tidbit of family history is prompted by Nikki at Peace, Love, and Lots of Giggles who posted last week about her passionate and enduring obsession for the 1990s boy band, New Kids on the Block.

Our daughter was 14 in 1990 when the New Kids were at the height of their popularity. Most of DD’s friends were huge fans, and many of them were trying to figure out how to persuade their parents to let them attend an upcoming New Kids concert that was being advertised on radio and television. However, and for whatever reason, DD was not at all enthusiastic about the group.

DH and I were ordering breakfast at a fast food place and noticed the entry box for a drawing for tickets to the New Kids concert and, on a whim, decided to enter DD in the contest—mostly so we could tease her that we had done it.

Never did we imagine that her name would be drawn! We also didn’t realize that the contest was sponsored by the top 40 radio station that was popular with the kids in our town. So, there we all were early one evening, when the telephone rang. DD, of course, was the one to answer the phone because the call was almost certainly for her. She expected to be talking with one of her friends but was first surprised, then embarrassed, and finally angry to find herself live on the radio with the station’s DJ who was congratulating her for her winning entry. She was on the spot for sure but felt she had to go through the motions of being excited about winning the tickets, even though, in truth, they were to a concert she could have cared less about!

You can probably imagine the discussion that followed as she thoroughly scolded her Dad and me for putting her in such a position. Fortunately for us, it was a short conversation because the phone started ringing almost immediately with one or another of her friends calling to congratulate her for winning those very desirable tickets!

Since DD really didn’t want to go to the concert, we decided to let her sell the tickets at face value and use the money for whatever she wanted. I don’t recall precisely, but I believe she ended up buying a radio/CD boombox with the ticket money (a very popular item of the time)—so she was able to listen to music whenever she wanted. More important, one of her friends got to enjoy the concert of her young lifetime!

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