BBFS Prompt #2: Taming the Closet Monster

How’s your closet? Are you like me, that way more goes into your closet than comes out of it, and pretty soon there’s no space left for anything else?

Now that we’re past the halfway mark on our painting and flooring project and starting to straighten away the part of the house that’s done, I need to be careful to think about what I’m putting back into our closets and other storage areas. I lean toward expediency when it comes to these kind of things…I’m usually more interested in finding a home for everything than I am in doing the hard work of deciding that it really is time to get rid of this or that.

A case in point: I have at least a dozen office-type suits that have been hiding under plastic drycleaner bags in the back corner of my closet for the seven years we’ve lived in this house. I’m lucky enough these days to work at a job where “office casual” is the order of the day so slacks (or jeans) and a decent top are more than adequate. So, why have I kept these suits this long? And did I mention that most of them are in sizes I can only dream about wearing again?? My only answer is “inertia,” plus the “you never know when you might need them” factor. Somehow the state of my closet hasn’t gotten to the point that I’ve had to deal with these yet, but I’m now finding myself coveting the six or seven inches of closet rod that these unused suits are using.

My goal this week is to go through the suits and accompanying blouses and settle on one or two to keep. The rest I’ll donate to the local Dress for Success charity, a group that helps disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, career development, and networking support. I hope that something I donate will help another woman find a job to support herself and her family.

How does all this apply to Shimelle’s prompt to evaluate our blog’s design? For me, it’s all about arrangement, little or no clutter, and keeping only what is needed. After looking at my site with a visitor’s eye, I determined that the widgets I use on my site were set more for my convenience than for visitors. I’ve since rearranged them so the items most useful to visitors are accessible at the top of my pages. Next for me is exploring pages and other options so I can include the things I like without having a cluttered home page.

6 thoughts on “BBFS Prompt #2: Taming the Closet Monster

  1. Wanda, you get such a good feeling from a cleaner closet and knowing that you are supporting a good cause. I purged two closets this year, but you post is a reminder that I have a few more to go.

  2. Wanda, I really like the clean look of your blog. I’ve been working on some closets as well. I haven’t looked at my poor blog in quite some time, so I am thankful for this class which will give me a chance to clean it up. I haven’t done so yet, but I’m going to!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog Wanda. You’ve reminded me that I have to go through my closet – I think I still have stuff in there from my working days and I haven’t worked since ’93. UGH! I’m liking the new look of the blog.

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