BFS Prompt #13: Cereal Bowl Easter

The Easter I’m remembering here is probably from the early 1960s when our family included our parents and six or seven children (there are 10 of us kids in all).

Back then, we usually had either cereal or toast for breakfast but, on this particular Sunday morning, the bowls we used for cereal were not to be found! Dad finally told us that the Easter bunny had visited the night before and had decided to use our breakfast bowls for the candy he wanted to leave. It seems the bunny was in a playful mood because all the candy-laden cereal bowls were hidden. You can imagine the scramble of a bunch of young children who were, first of all, hungry for breakfast, and second, once they suspected candy was involved, anxious to discover what the bunny had left. It didn’t take long for us to find all the bowls (I remember that one bowl was in the oven, so I’m guessing that’s the one I found). This is, for me, a memory of a special Easter.

The layout shown below is from earlier, and equally special, Easter, probably when I was about 8 years old.

Designer credits are included with the original post.

I don’t remember having expectations about holidays as I was growing up. When I look back and consider the challenges my parents faced trying to raise a such a large family on a single income, I am always amazed that they managed to mark holidays such as Easter in ways that I remember today, a half century or more later.

3 thoughts on “BFS Prompt #13: Cereal Bowl Easter

  1. Would you believe that the Easter book I remember getting was What Katy Did too? Tho I loved Little Women too – I got it as a summer holiday book. I love finding all these little connections in blogland. Hope this Easter was a good one for you too Wanda!

  2. I love the memory of your cereal bowl Easter and the layout too. I loved Little Women and also went on to read the rest in the series. Did you read What Katy Did? I loved that series of books too.

  3. What a lovely post, Wanda and a great story! Your LO brought back memories for me too…..I reckon ‘Little Women’ was my first ‘Chapter’ book too ( although it may have been ‘What Katy Did). I also loved ‘The Bobbsey Twins’…..I am now wondering if those books started my love of visiting the USA- that has never occurred to me before!
    Happy Easter!
    Alison xx

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