When the well runs dry…

I’ve been so engaged these past few weeks with the prompts and exercises from Shimelle’s Blogging for Scrapbookers (BFS) and Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers (BBFS) classes that I haven’t had time for very many “independent” posts. But even if I had found time for other posts, I would likely have struggled to find an appealing topic. My life is fairly routine—to work and back five days a week and some combination of chores, errands, and recreation on the weekends—so inspiration is sometimes pretty sparse.

I try to be aware of my surroundings, current events, etc., and the blogging opportunities these might present, but I do occasionally (OK, more than occasionally!) run into a dry spell where I just can’t seem to find anything worth writing about. Even then, I want to keep at it for at least two reasons: first, if I don’t, blogging will soon join an already long list of abandoned hobbies, and second, I really do think writing is something that needs to be practiced in order for it to improve.

Dry spells…that’s when I truly appreciate external prompts and motivation. Shimelle’s “Year of Blogging” booklet from the BFS class, offers a prompt for every day of the year and is a wonderful resource. I’ve also recently discovered two online sources for daily prompts, The Daily Post and Plinky.com. Both sites are associated with WordPress and Automattic so you may find that The Daily Post sometimes uses the same prompt as Plinky.com. Anyway, the following are a few of their recent prompts, all of which appealed to me as possible post topics.

The Daily Post:
• If you had to debate a younger version of yourself, who would win? (4/21)
• What would you change if you were president for a day? (4/19)
• If you could go invisible for a day, what would you do? (4/16)
• Write a rant about the pointlessness of a rant (4/13)
• If you could pilot any vehicle, real or fictititious, what would it be? (4/12)

• Do you think you’ll ever go back to school? (4/20)
• What can’t you leave home without? (4/19)
• What are the three most significant historic events that have occurred in your lifetime? (4/12)
• Here’s $1000. Spend it in the next hour or lose it. No online shopping allowed. (3/28)
• Sunrise or sunset? (3/10)

Though I didn’t post on any of these topics, I have written three posts responding to other Daily Post prompts (see Amateur Haiku, Hi, Guys!, and Better Sorry than Safe?). None of them are topics I would have addressed independently, though the Hi, Guys! post does have scrapping potential—even so, I was pleased with the result of each.

Do you know of similar prompting sites? If so, feel free to share because all of us can use a little inspiration from time to time.

4 thoughts on “When the well runs dry…

  1. Hello Wanda 🙂 Thank you for those links, you know I have not looked at that Year of Blogging booklet yet, but I heard it has lots of great ideas. I have bookmarked your links, I sometimes do get dry spells, but I find since I have taken a few of Shimelle’s classes now, I have more inspiration for blogging. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  2. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your feedback – I could pretend that I was being very clever putting my poll there but I couldn’t get it to work anywhere else and I was tearing my hair out. Thanks for the comments – I use Loulou blogs and they are very easy to install – create the whole bit and more importantly are free. Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting.

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