BBFS Prompt #1: As this blog evolves…

When I first started my blog a few months ago, I thought of it as a digital diary—a place for me to record ideas, impressions, opinions, etc., for my own use (sounds like I planned to talk to myself, doesn’t it?)—and I intended to keep it private, perhaps eventually opening it to a few invited family and friends.

That changed earlier this year when I took Kat Sloma’s Find Your Eye (FYE) e-course. FYE focused on “finding your eye” through a combination of creative, photographic, and blogging prompts. In response to one of the initial blogging prompts to use our blogs to document our progress through the class, I went from “private” to “public.” Real life prevented me from participating in that course as much as I would have liked, but I was so impressed with the course content that I am thinking about taking the revamped version when Kat offers it again in July.

Then, of course, I joined many of you in the three-week Blogging for Scrapbookers (BFS) course that concluded just a few days ago. During that course I was (and still am) trying to figure out exactly what I want my blog to be, especially if I want visitors to enjoy my content enough to come back. One outcome of the BFS class is that I now realize how thrilling it is to have visitors who take the time to not only read a post but also to leave a thoughtful, often thought-provoking, comment in response to one of my posts. Another outcome is that I am much less of a lurker than I was and am commenting on many more blog posts than I used to do. All in all, I found BFS to be extremely motivating and helpful, and everything I’ve seen for Beyond Blogging for Scrapbooking (BBFS) thus far promises more of the same.

The first prompt for BBFS is to check in with my readers to find out what you like (or maybe don’t like??) about my blog. I’ve added a short poll to the end of this post and would really appreciate you taking a minute or two to indicate the kinds of things you like. You are also more than welcome to leave a comment…thanks for your participation!

3 thoughts on “BBFS Prompt #1: As this blog evolves…

  1. I’m like Sian and enjoy a mix of things on blogs. Wish I could have chosen travel to go along with life, scrapbooking & photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  2. Hi Wanda – a fellow classmate here – like you I used to be a lurker but after doing BFS and starting my own blog I realised how lovely it was to get comments, so have tried to start commenting when I can. The blogs I favour the most are those that are a mix – life/scrapbooking/lovely photos – I also enjoying find out what inspires other people.

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