You KNOW how this goes…

You do know how this goes…you’re going through the accumulated posts in your reader, each post inviting your attention for a few moments. For whatever reason, you breeze through some because they don’t capture your imagination this day, you mark a few as “unread” so you can go back later to explore the writer’s site, and, occasionally, you will find the magic…the rare post that links you to new-to-you blog that somehow just feels “right.”

My goal for Siteseeing Saturday is to share with you what I’ve discovered in my own blog explorations. Who knows what I might find? I certainly don’t! But I do know there are many, many talented and intriguing writers in the “blogosphere” who are sharing all manner of wit, wisdom, challenge, etc.

This week’s find is the result of a daisy-chain link. I subscribe to Shades of Crimson, primarily for the occasional grammar lessons Davina Haisell offers (since I’m more than 40 years removed from high school, I figure a refresher might be in order). This week Davina hosted a guest post from Sara Healy of A Sharing Connection because Sara’s blog is being transferred from one server to another. Meantime, Sara needed a temporary home to post her entry for yet a third blog, The Red Dress Club. The Red Dress Club bills itself as “a virtual writer’s society” and offers two writing challenges each week: Red Writing Hood (a writing meme, posted on Tuesday with a Friday link-up) and RemembeRED (a memoir meme, posted on Friday with a Tuesday linkup). I was intrigued enough by their current RemembeRED prompt, “Give me a memory of the color red” to consider writing my own entry and also to offer this blog as my initial suggestion for Siteseeing Saturday. I do hope you will check it out!

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