Oh, yeah…my blog

It appears all my good intentions for BFS (blogging every day, commenting on others’ blogs, etc.) are coming to an end during this last week of class. DH and I spent last weekend moving furniture around in preparation for a flooring and painting project that will have our household in turmoil for the next month or so. (I call it the 80/20 plan: we have 80% of our belongings in 20% of our floorspace!) Instead of composing posts, I’ve been spending my evenings trying to create order out of chaos even though I realize it will all be destroyed by the next day’s work (whoever said “a woman’s work is never done” was exactly right!). The good news is that the first portion of flooring is down and we LOVE it. The bad news is that it’s hard to feel motivated when there is disorder all around!

That said, I’m having a great time checking in on other BFS-ers blogs. I am thrilled to be in the company of so many creative people, not only in terms of the blog content (funny, serious, tender, thought-provoking, etc.) but also the creativity on display in the blogs. Though I’m only leaving a stray comment or two right now, I am inspired in one way or another by each one I read. If nothing else, I appreciate the commitment of time and energy it takes to write a post. I truly hope to get back to this over the weekend. In the meantime, if you’ve come upon this humble post—thanks—and happy blogging!

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