BFS Prompt #9: Random or Routine?

I signed up for Google Reader in mid-2010 after a scrapping acquaintance recommended a number of blogs to me and suggested that the best way to keep up with them was to use a reader. Following one or two blogs soon led to others and in the several months since I started, I’ve unsubscribed from most of my initial reads and have added lots of new faves. I am fascinated by the variety of subject matter that people (for me mostly women) share on their blogs and how heartfelt some of their posts are. I truly enjoy reading the stories of family and travel, ideas, life lessons, tutorials, etc., that so many talented bloggers write about, and eventually decided to try my hand at the art.

Writing has always appealed to me even though most of what I’ve done has been for work or school rather than for pleasure. I was (and still am) worried that I don’t have anything interesting enough to share that anyone but me would want to read it. But I also realize that blogging is like most other life skills—it is something that must be learned and practiced and then learned and practiced some more. That’s the biggest reason I decided to sign up for BFS and, I must say, I have not been disapppointed. I’ve already learned so much in the first half of this class that I’m really looking forward to the remaining days and the follow-on Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers class that starts in a few weeks.

Today’s prompt involves whether establishing a pattern of regular features is helpful. For me, the answer is an emphatic YES! I am planning two features that I hope will become staples of my blog and keep me from worrying overmuch about what to blog about! The first feature is “The Weekend Chef” where I plan to share my kitchen adventures (and misadventures) along with recipes that have earned thumbs-up ratings and perhaps a picture or two of whatever I manage to cook up on a weekend. The second is “ScrapStories,” an opportunity to tell more detailed versions of the stories associated my scrapping layouts.

Both of these will accomplish something else that I think is important for us time-strapped bloggers, i.e., to build a backlog of ideas, draft posts, photos, etc., that I can use when I haven’t had time to come up with something new. I’m hoping, too, that my blog, with a growing body of work, will become its own inspiration so, as I explore new ideas, I can reflect back on earlier work for related thoughts and use them to compare and contrast with my newer writing.

I’m anxious now to finish this post so I can go check out what others of you have to say on this topic (I have a self-imposed rule to stay from the forums until I finish my own post). I’m sure there’s lots of good ideas on BFS blogs tonight!

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