BFS Prompt #6: Proxy Scrapping

I mentioned the idea of proxy scrapping in a post a day or two ago, but that method of scrapping has been on my mind a lot lately as I try to figure out how to scrap a few memorable events that I don’t have pictures for. I still haven’t sorted out exactly how I want to approach these pages, but a Google search for “scrapbooking without pictures” yielded a few ideas.

Since this prompt is about setting goals, I will at least give a brief description of each of the pages I’m planning. My goal is to complete one of these a month beginning in July (we’re just about to start a home improvement project that will have the whole place in disarray for the next several weeks, and it will take some time afterward to get everything back in order enough that I can take time to scrap). I had hoped to provide links to a couple of art journaling-type layouts as examples of what I hope to accomplish but couldn’t find anything exactly right tonight. I’ll update this post when I come across something suitable. If you’ve done pages like this and are willing to share the inspiration, please link me up!

  • Documenting the travel portion of our 1986 cross-country trip to the World’s Fair in Vancouver, BC. We were gone for 42 days and spent all but one night of the trip in our pop-up tent camper. Along the way, we visited family and friends in New York, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Maine, and took side trips to Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, and Devil’s Tower National Monument among others. We weathered a couple of severe storms, one in North Dakota when we were just feet away from being flooded out after authorities opened the flood gates of a dam near our campsite on the Heart River, and the second in Wyoming when a strong wind storm just about blew us away. I’m reminded of that trip every time I see a U-Haul truck with one of the state pictures on its side. Though U-Haul’s website says those images were introduced in 1988, I’m nearly positive we used them as a way to pass time as we traveled that summer—each day we would try to check off as many states as possible based on the pictures on the U-Haul trucks we saw. DD spent most of the travel portion of the trip in the back of our extended cab pickup playing with her Etch-a-Sketch and reading and re-reading the Little House on the Prairie and Chronicles of Narnia books. She couldn’t quite figure out why we couldn’t also include the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesite in Missouri (?) in our travel plans for that trip. On the radio, several times a day, on both country and pop stations: Lucille by Kenny Rogers.
  • A little girl’s wish for a special pair of shoes. In the spring of the year she was nearly seven years old, DD wanted a pair of patent leather Mary Jane-type shoes that made “click-y” sounds when she walked. I don’t remember what we were planning to do that year, but I was hesitant to spend money on something as frivolous as shiny shoes when the money could be better put toward our project. I talked this over with a (wiser) friend who reminded me that DD didn’t need or even want the most expensive pair of shoes available and that I could probably find something suitable either on sale or at a discount store. Fortunately I listened to my friend’s advice and bought the shoes and, probably, a cute pair of lacey anklets to go with, and made DD one happy little girl. And, since I remember the shoes but not the all-important project, it just goes to show that my friend was right!
  • Grandpa’s rocking chairs. One of my favorite memories from when I was very young, between 4 and perhaps 7 or 8 years old, is of playing with my brother and sisters and cousins on the rocking chairs at my grandparents’ house. Most of the time there were probably a half-dozen or eight of us kids plus at least that many adults, though the numbers increased in the summer time when out-of-state aunts and uncles and cousins came to visit. Grandpa’s house was modest so, with that many people, the place was pretty crowded. I don’t remember how many rockers there were and I’m sure we used dining room and kitchen chairs as well, but the rockers were the chairs that everyone wanted to use. We usually played trains and I’m sure we drove the adults crazy with our wild rocking, choo-choo-choo-ing, and train toots. Of course our antics were inspired by a couple of different things. First, Grandpa’s house on the farm was within earshot of train tracks so we would occasionally hear a train’s whistle as it went by. Also, the kitchen, dining room, and parlor of Grandpa’s house were arranged in a straight line so it was easy to set up a line of chairs that traced the outlines of furniture that couldn’t be moved.

P.S. This blogging thing might end up working out after all! I never intended for this post to be so long, but a few minutes’ thought about each of these picture-less scrapping projects generated quite a few ideas. In keeping with the train theme above, t-o-o-t, t-o-o-o-o-t!

4 thoughts on “BFS Prompt #6: Proxy Scrapping

  1. Love your journalling, especially the story about the shoes – really helps to put things in perspective. I did some journal only scrapbook pages for my wedding album- and interpsersed them with pages with pictures and I really liked how they turned out.

  2. You can always borrow images from the Creative Commons section of Flickr and use them on your pages. But I am a firm believer that you don’t always have to have a picture on a scrapbook page. Sometimes the memories/stories are enough. 🙂 Great ideas you have brewing though.

  3. Isn’t it great to use your blog to help you scrapbook too? I can type a lot faster than I can write so I often use the computer to start brainstorming journaling. Might as well use your blog! You have a great memory. These pages sound wonderful.

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