BFS Prompt #5: Church sign wisdom

I started noticing a couple of months ago that one of the churches in our community posts a new saying on the sign outside their building every week. It’s gotten to the point that I look forward to Monday mornings (when was the last time you heard THAT??) to see what the new bit of wisdom will be.

This week’s slogan, shown above, is probably an abbreviated version of this quote attributed to Mother Teresa: “Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

Whether you like the short version or the longer one, I’m guessing that most of us have fond memories of a time when someone spoke a kind word to us or went out of their way to do help us in some way. Conversely, each of us can probably also recall the bad feeling that results when someone has said or done something hurtful. Having experienced both the positive and negative effects of words and actions, I need to take these words to heart and be more conscious that what I say and do has lasting effects and try to ensure that I say and do things that are encouraging rather than hurtful.

In connection with this prompt, it’s a good thing I saw this sign this morning because I didn’t have a photo that I was inspired to include with this post and, since it’s been raining all day, there weren’t any good photo ops available. The best alternative I could come up with was to craft a bit of word art to help me remember this week’s church sign wisdom.


Journaling paper from the Coastal Wildflowers Kit (11138dsp) by Lauren Bavin at Digital Scrapbook Place. The word art is my own work using Black Chancery and Beautiful ES fonts.

6 thoughts on “BFS Prompt #5: Church sign wisdom

  1. It’s like one I came across recently – about people never remembering what you said, but always remembering how you made them feel. Very true.

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