BFS Prompt #3: A few of my favorite pages

Since one of the objectives of Blogging for Scrapbookers is to use the strengths of scrapbooking and blogging to enhance the results of each, I decided to post links to several layouts I’ve done in the past that feature fairly extensive journaling. I wasn’t blogging when I did these pages, but I think that with some additional detail each of the topics would be suitable for a blog post. I like Shimelle’s suggestion that a blog post can be a way to record memories of an event for use on a future scrapbook page. I’m also firmly of the opinion that a picture is improved by including the back story for the image along with it–if that’s the case, then it might as well be (a) blogged and (b) scrapped to better preserve the memory.

These pages are among my favorites because they feature my two favorite men (husband and father) and because they are some of the more elaborate pages I’ve done. They are even more special because of the story each one tells.

The first two of these pages are about DH’s and my early relationship, the third is about an airplane DH worked on when he was in the Navy, and the last two are about my Dad. Clicking on the links will take you to the respective posts at Digital Scrapbook Place (my favorite scrapbooking site). Details, including product credits and complete journaling, are included with each layout.

Texting 1970s Style

Gearhead Love Affair

Unarmed & Unafraid

Life Lessons

Precious Words

One thought on “BFS Prompt #3: A few of my favorite pages

  1. I’m a big fan of plenty of journaling! Often I end up putting my story on the back because I find it hard to design big blocks of story into my pages, sometimes I print out a copy of a blog post and use that. So I love your journaling-rich pages.

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