BFS Prompt #1: No Muss, No Fuss

This short phrase pretty much describes my approach to life. More than almost anything, I crave order and simplicity because I feel I can accomplish more, and feel happier doing it, when I don’t have to deal with the drama that inevitably comes with disorder. (BTW, the LO at the top of this post is my favorite avatar at what I consider my digital home, Digital Scrapbook Place, where my username is “Wanda”).

I joined Shimelle’s Blogging for Scrapbooker’s class late so I’m already 4+ days behind. That’s definitely not good because I have a REALLY BAD history of not staying up-to-date with online classes even when I’ve signed up for them way in advance—I do usually finish them, but it might be weeks or months later (and may I say I am exceedingly grateful for the “forever” access so many sites are offering these days??). However, I’m really determined to keep up with this class because I agree with Shimelle’s premise that there is a strong connection between blogging and scrapbooking, and I’m hoping I can somehow merge the two in way that will satisfy the creative side of my personality.

So…if I’m behind, how do I recover?? For at least the first week’s prompts, I plan to use a few of the 250 or so layouts I’ve posted at DSP over the last several years. I’m not a fast scrapper so each of these represents at least several hours of work and, for most of them, a lot of love too. I hope that using this approach will let me catch up by the early part of next week so I can participate on a real-time basis with the rest of the class.

My intentions for the rest of this class include:
– Posting 5 days a week, even if the posts aren’t directly related to the class material
– Commenting on at least a dozen participant blogs each day (I’m working on adding everyone’s blog to my reader…lovin’ some of your blog titles!)

Layout credits:
Boldly Blooming Page Kit (6770dsp) by Lauren Bavin
A Side of Flourish Quick Click (5660dsp) by Lisa Carter
Spring Medley Page Kit (7703dsp) by Elizabeth Weaver
Tiny Bubbles Page Kit (6250dsp) by Rene Bross
Blue Jean Baby Page Kit (9039dsp) by Nicole Young

Fonts: Scriptina, Times New Roman

3 thoughts on “BFS Prompt #1: No Muss, No Fuss

  1. Welcome to class! Honestly, don’t worry about keeping up, once you really get going you will settle into a blogging rhythm which suits YOU. I’ll be back to enjoy your progress!

  2. Welcome to class! I signed up late too. I can’t post every day but I’m going to work in class ideas as I can. Love your idea of using pages you’ve already created. No muss, no fuss! Love that. 😀

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